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Nikol Pashinyan: “I expect the SRC to appear to the public in a brand new image and not simply as a PR tool”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation on the ongoing activities aimed at upgrading the State Revenue Committee’s functions. Prior to the debate, Prime Minister Pashinyan made several observations regarding the State Revenue Committee’s activities.

I am convinced that you followed the discussions of the government program in the National Assembly. In general, one of our main political priorities is to change the citizens’ attitude as regards their commitment to pay taxes. This is of strategic importance as it is the key to economic revolution. I mean that we have three ways to deal with the matter at hand.

The first is of course the dialogue with our citizens to increase their perceptions and understanding of this issue. The second vector is to create a fair taxation system in terms of legislation, and we are working in that direction. Thirdly, not less important, if not the most important, is the perception of the State Revenue Committee’s image, the quality of its work, the content of its work, the attitude of the citizens to the committee, which is extremely important.

Much criticism has recently been voiced about the SRC’s activities, and we have discussed that topic during the National Assembly hearings. It is very important for us to change the perception of a certain part of society that the State Revenue Committee lives at their expense. It is extremely important for the public to see and feel that the State Revenue Committee is not indifferent to the criticism addressed to it, from the way it works, the style of the work, the general content, and the posture. This is an important issue, and I want this issue to be perceived by the staff of the State Revenue Committee.

I expect that in parallel with this process, the relationship between the public, the citizens and the State Revenue Committee will change, and the SRC, its whole staff will do everything to appear to the public in a brand new image. This is extremely important: Mr. Ananyan, you can take it as my direct assignment addressed to you and the SRC staff, in general.

Let us conclude that from time to time we will discuss what changes we have made in this logic and what we have achieved. We must follow the public’s reaction to this process and the expected changes,” pm Pashinyan said.

The SRC executives presented in detail the new program aimed at modernizing the Committee’s functions and tax administration. It was said to have been developed based on best international experience. The program will be implemented under the motto “We trust in the future and pay our taxes.”

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