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Nikolas Aznavour to Nikol Pashinyan: “Thank you for everything you are trying to do for Armenia”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received the son of world-famous Armenian singer Charles Aznavour, Nicolas Aznavour who is the co-founder of the Aznavour Foundation.

Greeting the guest, Nikol Pashinyan said, “I am glad to meet you and I am happy to meet you in Yerevan. I hope your future projects are closely related to Yerevan. In any case, there are media publications to that effect. I hope this is true, and we will have the opportunity to meet more frequently: it will be very interesting to hear about your plans, what you intend to do in order to preserve the legacy of Charles Aznavour in Armenia and make Armenia one of the most important centers of Aznavour’s art.”

Nicolas Aznavour thanked Prime Minister Pashinyan for the warm welcome: “I am happy to see you. First of all, I would like to thank you for your visit to Paris. You know it was very important and very touching for me personally and for my whole family. I want to express our gratitude.

I would like to congratulate you on your appointment as Prime Minister. I even voted in Armenia. We came to Armenia to vote because it was very important to us. Even when we travel or we are far away, we always follow the news coming from Armenia. Thank you for all you are trying to do for Armenia. It is not that easy, but I consider it positive as we can see in the Diaspora your efforts reach our common goal.”

During the meeting, Nicolas Aznavour briefed the Prime Minister on Aznavour Foundation’s activities and programs.

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