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PM receives Georgian Minister of Defense


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Georgia’s Defense Minister Levan Izoria, who is in Armenia on official visit. Welcoming the delegation of the Georgian Ministry of Defense to Armenia, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of strengthening and deepening fraternal relations between the two countries in different fields.

Nikol Pashinyan referred to his January meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Mamouka Bakhtadze in Bolnisi, noting that the friendly working atmosphere between Armenia and Georgia will promote the development of cooperation and bring it to a new level. In this context, the Premier stressed the importance of reciprocated high-level visits and political consultations between the two countries.

Noting that he was happy to pay an official visit to Armenia, Levan Izoria highlighted today’s meeting with the Armenian Defense Minister and the signing of the 2019 bilateral cooperation program in the field of defense. He noted that Georgia is interested in strengthening and deepening relations with Armenia and is eager to continue the ongoing effective cooperation in this area.

The parties discussed issues related to the defense cooperation program between Armenia and Georgia, reaffirming their mutual commitment to stronger partnership and implementing new initiatives. As they exchanged views on regional security and stability and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the interlocutors stressed the importance of joint efforts in this direction.

Prime Minister Pashinyan stressed the importance of a balanced position in the settlement of regional conflicts. The Georgian Minister of Defense noted that Georgia stands for good-neighborly relations and supports all efforts aimed at settling conflicts peacefully.

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