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“We need a strictly working mechanism of scientific potential, private investment and public administration to develop the military industrial complex”


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Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the Military-Industrial Committee of the Republic of Armenia met today in the Office of Government.

Opening the meeting, the Prime Minister noted: “The development of the military industrial complex is among the government’s priorities, and we need to make serious changes in this field. To this end, it is necessary to make both structural changes and find opportunities in order to drastically increase the financing of this sector. In fact, we need to do the following for the development of the military-industrial complex: We need a strictly working mechanism of scientific potential, private investment and public administration to develop the military industrial complex, and this issue should be kept in the spotlight over the next few years.

Of course, we view the creation of the ministry of high technologies industry in Armenia in this context which is an important, but not sufficient condition so that we can reach major changes in the field. Here the issue of cooperation with our scientific potential and also the analytical work of the Defense Ministry, the General Staff for the needs of our Armed Forces. Given the resources we have, no matter much or less - of course, better much than less - the targets should be determined accurately; we should decide what kind of developments, research, production, ammunition and equipment we need, and the development, production and upgrading of what part of hem we can implement in Armenia.

Of course, we have some capacity in Armenia, but the existing capacity and the actual output cannot seem satisfactory. In general, I think that while discussing the problems faced in this area and in other fields, we need not discuss the difficulties, but we need to formulate the goals, and all our actions should derive from the logic of reaching those goals.

The geopolitical, military-political atmosphere in our region prevents us from living with the logic of “getting along,” because with this logic we will just waste or consume the resources we have.

We need to think of developing our resources and here we need to be exacting, first of all towards ourselves. Yes, we must find very serious, even non-popular solutions to make sure that there is no idle chain in our state system that gets state funding by doing nothing. Eliminating them with extreme cruelty is our key task, no matter which sector it relates to, especially in the fields of military industry and technologies. Here we should really be able to propose technological solutions.

By saying technological solutions, I mean the following: the tank is not what matters most, but the problem we want to solve through the tank. Our thinking must be to find a way that will solve that problem no matter its name.

Therefore, the rationale in the fields of military industry, science and technology should work as follows: we need to understand our problems and the relevant solutions, and give up the traditional perceptions and tools in order to achieve technological progress and changes in this area,” the Prime Minister said.

Head of State Military-Industrial Committee Avetik Kerobyan said the delegation of the military-industrial complex this year participated in the IDEX International Defense Exhibition and Conference in the United Arab Emirates for the first time in a separate pavilion. He said the Armenian pavilion created a great interest, and Armenia’s products were under spotlight also thanks to the brilliant performance of the Guards of Honor, the Military Orchestra of the defense ministry and the Yerevan Drums musical group.

Avetik Kerobyan advised that the investors from the Middle East are interested in Armenian military production which is a good pre-requisite for attracting investments and expanding the sales markets of Armenia’s scientific-technological production.

The meeting discussed the programs and future actions aimed at developing the military-industrial complex.

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