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Prime Minister Pashinyan meets with President Armen Sarkissian


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a working meeting with RA President Armen Sarkissian at the Presidential Palace. The Prime Minister and the President discussed various issues high on the inner political agenda.

“Mr. Prime Minister, I am glad to see you again. It looks like our meetings are becoming traditional. To begin with, I wish to compliment you because I have heard that your visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran was very successful. I would appreciate having some details of that visit. In any case, the feedback I have from inside and outside the country is quite positive. So, I want to congratulate you for having a good visit,” Armen Sarkissian said.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated, in turn: “Thank you, Mr. President. Yes, these working meetings are of a regular nature, and it is important for us to periodically exchange information and of course, discuss the future tasks.

Yes, the visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran was both important and very successful. Also, I am going to pay a working visit to Brussels to discuss our future plans with the EU partners. We have a hectic foreign policy agenda. We are chairing the Eurasian Economic Union this year, and one of the meetings of the Intergovernmental Council will be held in Yerevan. The Supreme Economic Council will meet in Yerevan, too. This foreign political agenda is also important to serve the goals of our economic revolution.

I know you have had some meetings during this period that fit into this logic. We obviously need to combine information in order to facilitate the implementation of the agreements reached during our meetings.”

Armen Sarkissian – “I, too, have a lot to share with you, Mr. Prime Minister. One of my latest two visits was paid to France where the 90th plenary meeting of the Armenian General Benevolent Union was being held, which I attended and some structural changes took place. This is one of the most important national organizations in the Diaspora.

In the meantime, I had several important meetings in Paris as part of our common drive to promote Armenia’s economic development and bring in new technologies. I met with top executives from Thales, Dassault and other major French companies.

Then, as you may know, I attended the Munich Security Conference, during which a number of political meetings were held. I took the opportunity to hold key meetings at the University of Heidelberg, Munich Technical University, and at the Max Planck Institute. And all this is again aimed at making of Armenia a modern technological country and promoting a rapid economic growth in our country. So, we have a lot to talk about.”


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