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PM receives MTS Group representatives


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Russian MTS Group President Alexei Cornya and Vice President Andrei Smelkov. The meeting was attended by VivaCell-MTS CEO Ralph Yirikyan.

Prime Minister Pashinyan stressed the importance of implementing MTS programs in our country, which promote the development of telecommunications and the spread of innovative technologies. The Premier advised that the Government of Armenia prioritizes the development of digital infrastructures and the domestic market of information technologies in a bid to turn Armenia into a technological country.

With reference to the reforms towards the consistent improvement of Armenia’s business climate, Nikol Pashinyan said the Government’s goal is to increase investment transparency and introduce a new culture of public-private sector partnership.

“We are eager to see successful businesses which can pay more taxes, get richer and enrich others,” the Head of Government said.

Alexei Kornya thanked Prime Minister Pashinyan for information about the Government’s reforms and expressed satisfaction with his company’s programs implemented in our country, as well as with the ongoing cooperation with the Government of Armenia, including the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies. He said that the MTS Group intends to expand the scope of its activities in our country and implement new projects to develop the digital market, software and services.

Alexei Kornya noted that the MTS Group will continue to make investments in Armenia, contributing thereby to the development of information technologies and telecommunications.

Prime Minister Pashinyan welcomed MTS’s intention to increase investment and reaffirmed his government’s readiness to follow up the existing ties of effective cooperation. The interlocutors exchanged views on the prospects for the development of Armenia’s telecommunications market, improvement of technological infrastructures, implementation of programs as part corporate responsibility, etc.

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Public Mobile TeleSystems Joint-Stock Company (MTS Group) is among the largest telecom operators in Russia and the CIS countries. Together with its subsidiaries, the company serves over 100 million mobile subscribers in Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine. VivaCell-MTS is a subsidiary of the Russian Mobile TeleSystems (MTS).

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