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PM reviews progress in economic reforms


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a working consultation with Armenian ministers, heads of state agencies, the Mayor of Yerevan, representatives from the Central Bank and the Prime Minister’s staff.

During the consultation, the Prime Minister discussed the current status of the assignments given at the February 15 Cabinet meeting. The assignments were aimed at promoting the economic revolution. The heads of stakeholder agencies and organizations reported progress in their activities, the interim results and the steps to take ahead.

Prime Minister Pashinyan stressed that the Government seeks to provide incentives for hardworking, creative and law-abiding citizens, and the Executive should work swiftly and effectively in that direction. In this context, the Premier highlighted the ongoing process of digitization, the need for accurate definition of procedures. Nikol Pashinyan gave relevant assignments to those responsible for specific activities.

The Head of Government instructed to continue doing coordinated work at the interagency level and report back progress on a regular basis.

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