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PM Nikol Pashinyan familiarized with reforms underway at Agrarian University


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Accompanied by Minister of Education and Science Araik Harutyunyan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Agrarian University of Armenia (AU). AU Rector Vardan Urutyan briefed the Prime Minister on the reforms implemented and the programs to come.

Nikol Pashinyan toured the laboratories and took note of the steps aimed at modernizing the labs and visited the winemaking training center. He was told that structural changes had been made at the first stage of reforms, including the optimization of faculties and chairs, modification of the content and format of the teaching process, exclusion of dictations, creation of a Moodle platform, use of interactive methods, reduction of courses, intensive training in computer software for teachers and students, etc.

An electronic testing system is being introduced. The E-Buh system for automation of educational process management and the Mulberry-2 electronic document management system have already been introduced. According to the Rector, these systems will obviously make the work easy and efficient for teachers and staff. Vardan Urutyan said reforms are underway in different directions: optimization and modernization of vocational training programs, teacher training, strengthening the broken links between education, science and production, updating and rebuilding the technical and technical bases, and so on.

The Agrarian University has launched the process of updating the logistics base and laboratories with the active participation of local and international partners. The university is cooperating with about 40 universities worldwide to implement joint educational programs. Innovative funding and fundraising mechanisms are being introduced at the University: work is underway to create an endowment fund.

Vardan Urutyan noted that the University intends to switch over to the 4-year Bachelor’s Degree and 2-year Master’s Degree programs. A new testing center will soon be created, for which the University has received a donation of 36 million drams by a family of Boston-based Armenian benefactors.

The Prime Minister noted that the participation of benefactors in various programs is a good measure, but given the trend towards increasing public funds, it is necessary to present program priorities to the government in the best possible way in order to get the necessary funding and tackle the problems at a state level.

Nikol Pashinyan emphasized the importance of developing the Agrarian University, pointing out that the bulk of the country’s labor force is engaged in agriculture: “The biggest problem of our agricultural sector is that the life of man has the following form: we are making efforts, but we have no result. Our most important task is to help farmers make this effort a job. What is the difference between work and suffering? The difference is that the latter implies a component of pleasure and satisfaction. Our task is to minimize the use of physical force in labor and allow for as much intellectual work as possible in this process. Of course, work does not have to be suffering. I am very happy that what is presented is consistent with this logic.”

At the same time, the Premier said that the Government is considering the possibility of delegating several state functions to the Agrarian University. The Head of Government also stressed the importance of those measures taken by the University to increase its own revenues, enhance the potential of experts and implement measures to prevent diseases of agricultural origin.

The rector added that the reconstruction, modernization and creation of new infrastructures will allow students to engage in practical training outside the classroom in order to acquire professional skills and experience. . The Voskehat viticulture training center has already begun to serve this purpose.

The construction of a new modern greenhouse at the Agrarian University will soon begin, funded by the Japanese government. The construction of the greenhouse should be completed in September.

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The UNDP-supported AU’s Agronomic Technological High School rehabilitation project, the EU-supported new Vanadzor Agricultural College building reconstruction project, and the Troisdorf Applied Sciences University-supported Aparan Agricultural College reconstruction projects are going to be implemented soon.

The pilot project for the rehabilitation and modernization of the Balahovit experimental economy features exciting innovations: Smart Farm, hydroponic fodder production, as well as a school of milk production control; The modernization of agro-food engineering laboratories, the transformation of the wine center into an oeno-tourism and training center and the creation of an agricultural center await their turn.

Capacity building evaluation and development activities are underway at the University and its scientific centers.

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