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Nikol Pashinyan: “The Government is interested in supporting creative ideas so that Armenian citizens, foreign investors can materialize the idea of getting richer and enriching others”


Attended by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, an investment business forum, referred to as “My step for Gegharkunik Marz” was held in Gavar

Within the framework of the forum, the head of government answered questions from participants in the event that related to the priorities of economic development of the region, economic activities in the vicinity of Lake Sevan, improving infrastructure, the situation with garbage, gasification of settlements and other topics.

In particular, touching on the possibilities of intensifying economic activity in the vicinity of Lake Sevan, Prime Minister Pashinyan noted that the improvement of road infrastructure is in the center of attention of the government and presented steps in this direction.

“We plan to intensify economic activities on the eastern coast of Lake Sevan, because we believe that there is a very serious potential there. In this context, the most important state contribution is that in the coming years we intend to bring all roads around Lake Sevan to a proper condition,” the Prime Minister said, adding that by the end of the year it is planned to complete repair of 12 km of the road.

Speaking about the problem of gasification, Prime Minister Pashinyan noted that each gasification program should be considered in the context of economic benefits.

“In general, I think it is now time to get out of gas logic and pay more attention to alternative energy, especially in the Gegharkunik region, where there is a lot of solar energy for electricity, for heating water, and for heating; that is, we must calculate everything and understand. Villages that expect gasification should offer their alternatives,” the Head of Government said.

Nikol Pashinyan also touched upon the problem of garbage, garbage collection and spoke in detail about the importance of solving this problem: “The problem of garbage is the biggest problem in Armenia. Of course, to solve it, we need to periodically hold subbotnik, local governments should work seriously.

However, there is a much more serious prerequisite for this: in the Republic of Armenia there should not be a smoker who throws leftover cigarettes on the ground, there should not be a citizen who drinks water and throws a bottle on the ground, eats ice cream and throws a wrapper on the ground.

Where are the largest garbage collection centers? Where we rest, eat with our families, etc. And what do we leave behind? This is where the solution to the problem lies. Of course, now we are working to create the most efficient waste recycling system.

I have already said, publicly stated that I will consider that the revolution has reached its ultimate goal, if we can free Armenia from the garbage, garbage and old car bodies that are everywhere - in our villages and in front of our houses.

Now we have a preliminary agreement with companies operating in the metalworking industry, it seems that we are concluding a deal and we hope that this issue will soon be resolved.

Whatever good enterprises we have, if millions of people are involved in the pollution of the country, and several companies are involved in garbage collection, we still will not solve this problem.

Here, first of all, a revolution of thought is needed. Of course, we must implement state programs, and we must have a strategy in this direction. In the near future, a public campaign will be launched in Armenia to ban plastic bags, which, I do not think it will be very fast, but will give some results.”

Summing up the forum, Prime Minister Pashinyan effectively evaluated the discussions and noted that the regional forums are becoming more and more interesting.

“Congratulations on a well-organized forum and a productive conversation. This discussion is very important because it has a brainstorming effect. We saw what potential exists here, what interesting programs are there, and, of course, the government will do everything possible to ensure that these good ideas, viable ideas are implemented in Armenia, and their authors have a real opportunity to succeed.

I think that each time we are convinced that the idea of these regional forums justifies itself. This, after all, is also an opportunity for direct communication. Of course, I will not say that our government is closed and very rarely communicates with citizens, but such contacts are also very important.

I hope that, as a result of this forum, potential investors will be more motivated and once again noted that the Armenian government is interested in supporting creative ideas, the Armenian government is interested in the emergence of new ideas in the Republic of Armenia, in the interest of Armenian citizens, foreign investors realize the idea of “enrich and enrich.”

I think that this idea is really feasible in the Republic of Armenia, and the government will fully fulfill its infrastructural, tax and other obligations, so that all of you feel safe, feel comfortable and constantly receive incentives from the government to put forward new ideas and win over new victories,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

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