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“The monopolistic and corrupt mindset has been eradicated in Armenia, and ensuring equal conditions for all economic players is a priority for us” – PM attends business forum in Gegharkunik Marz


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today attended an investment business forum, referred to as “My step for Gegharkunik Marz” and the EXPO local production exhibition at Levon Kalantar State Drama Theater in Gavar (Gegharkunik Marz).

The Forum was attended by heads of relevant government departments, Marz governors, MPs, ambassadors accredited to Armenia, about 110 entrepreneurs, including 72 business people from abroad, representatives of small, medium and large businesses, banking sector representatives, experts and others.

In his greeting remarks, Prime Minister Pashinyan stated, in part:
“Distinguished diplomatic corps representatives,
Dear government officials,
Dear guests,

I am pleased with this forum, and the governor of Gegharkunik very correctly noted that, speaking of the Gegharkunik region, we primarily mean Lake Sevan. Back in 1995-1996, when the new administrative-territorial division of Armenia took place, to my mind and I think in the opinion of many, a correct political decision was adopted, which stipulated that all areas on the coast of Sevan should be comprised in a single area. That decision highlighted the special importance of Lake Sevan, which not only did not diminish, but grew over time for the Republic of Armenia and for our region, in general.

I think that Lake Sevan is also one of the most important and best tourist destinations in our country, one of the most beautiful places in our country. However, today we must recognize that Lake Sevan and its environs, the coast carry all layers of processes in Armenia over the past 30 years without exception, and a careful researcher, walking along the shores of Lake Sevan, can find out what stages our a country.

I think that now our most important task is to bring the coastal environment of Sevan to the status that Lake Sevan has as a landmark, as a huge reservoir of fresh water and as one of the most important symbols of the Republic of Armenia.

This is the fourth regional forum, and such forums are very important. We attach great importance to this event in the sense that we want to emphasize that the investment environment, as well as the level and quality of economic relations in the Republic of Armenia have changed.

We want to clearly state that monopoly logic has been completely eradicated in the Republic of Armenia, corruption logic has been eradicated, and we can discuss all projects openly, transparently and publicly. We want to state that the priority of the government is that all economic players should have equal conditions.

I do not say now that we have already provided completely equal conditions, because I understand that the actions we took in one year, of course, have greatly changed a lot.

However, we have to re-examine the situation, understand where there are still some manifestations of injustice, monopoly or privilege, and should eliminate these manifestations, not despite anyone or something, but for the sake of the economic development of Armenia, for the sake of improving the investment climate in Armenia.

Such events and forums are really important in the context so that we can think together about investment opportunities and economic development.

It is very important to note that not only in the Gegharkunik region, but in the new Armenia, environmental standards are of particular importance to us, since the ecology and compliance of Armenia with the best international environmental standards are a priority for us. This requires a very long and hard work from us, and we have enough will to bring this work to the end.

And, of course, I want to say that the government places particular hopes and attaches particular importance to the active work of businessmen - not only the citizens of Armenia, not only the activities of our citizens abroad, but also foreign investors. I have always said and I want to say again that business is also an activity that requires special talent.

There are people who write books well, there are people who write songs well, there are people who build well, there are people who do political work well, and there are people who have some other talent.

I want to say that business is also an activity that requires special talent, and I am sure that we have many talented businessmen in Armenia and abroad.

I am also convinced that in many foreign countries many talented businessmen who are interested in Armenia are interested in historical Armenia (I mean Armenia with its nature and people) and are interested in new Armenia, new opportunities created in new Armenia.

And I want to wish all of us success. A year has passed since the nonviolent velvet popular revolution took place in Armenia, and following the results of one year we declare that we are moving in the right direction, and our main task is to encourage citizens, businessmen and investors of the Republic of Armenia to start operations in Armenia. to Armenia, enriched and enriched Armenia.

So, dear businessmen, I welcome you to the Republic of Armenia, I welcome you to Gegharkunik Marz. Come to Armenia, come to Gegharkunik Marz, show your creative talent and business skills, get richer and enrich others.”

Then a film, entitled “Economic opportunities and development concept of Gegharkunik Marz” was screened, after which a panel discussion on the theme “Investment Environment in Armenia” took place with the participation of Governor of Gegharkunik region Gnel Sanosyan, MP from Gegharkunik Marz Varazdat Karapetyan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Artak Kamalyan Deputy Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Hakob Vardanyan; Head of the Tourism Committee Susanna Safaryan. The prospects for the development of agriculture, tourism, production of renewable energy, as well as other industries were discussed.

The ongoing programs and the projects already completed, as well as new investment proposals and projects were presented during the event. The forum also featured an exhibition of local products. Prime Minister Pashinyan toured the exhibition halls to get acquainted with the products on display.

Investment business forums and exhibitions of local production are organized in the regions of Armenia on the joint initiative of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development and regional municipalities.

The aim of the forum is to attract entrepreneurs from Armenia and the diaspora in the process of developing the economy and communities of the region. Held in Gegharkunik Marz, this is the fourth regional forum held this year. In 2019, 6 more forums will be held in different regions of Armenia on the economic development of local communities.

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