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Government makes decision to raise servicemen’s salaries


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A Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The Government adopted a relevant decision to establish the exact size of extra payments, define the concept of and the criteria for the exercise of military service under special conditions. Defense Minister Davit Tonoyan noted that in order to comply with the Prime Minister’s directive to increase servicemen’s salaries, a bump on wages is envisaged for the exercise of official duties that will increase servicemen’s salaries by an average of 10%.

Commenting on the decision, Nikol Pashinyan said: “We are going to raise the salaries of military personnel as of this June 1, and the proposed regulations are meant to ensure that the actual amount of salaries or benefits be much higher for non-commissioned officers and for those serving under special conditions. As a result, the salaries of junior staff and those serving under special conditions will be much higher as compared to the commissioned staff and the leadership of the Armed Forces. This is a crucial point in our decision.”

The Government approved an investment program presented by New Ida LLC and agreed to the proposal to alienate plots of land through direct sales in Katnaghbyur administrative district of Stepanavan (Lori Marz). The Company is going to invest about USD 5 million in a project for construction of a mineral water bottling plant in Stepanavan.

Noting that the Government had discussed issues related to privileges granted to investment programs in agriculture a few days earlier, Nikol Pashinyan said no major problems had been identified in this field, with 90 % of privileged imports being compliant with the goals stated in the bids.

The meeting next approved the proposal to sign an agreement on Mutual Abolition of Visa Requirements for Persons Holding Regular Passports between the Governments of the Republic of Armenia and the People’s Republic of China. The Agreement provides that the holders of valid passports on either side shall be exempt of entry visa requirements for 180 days, up to 90 days from the date of their entry into the territory of the other Party.

Nikol Pashinyan stated in this connection: “This arrangement is the result of my recent visit to the People’s Republic of China. We expect it to actually catalyze our bilateral relations in a way that the citizens of the Republic of Armenia can travel to the PRC without obstacles. We have had a consultation on the outcome of my visit, and now we have to make concrete decisions on those issues discussed during the visit.

The Republic of Armenia is interested in the Belt and Way initiative, while the PRC is interested in Armenia’s participation in that program. We have come to specific agreements on the matter at hand, and now it is time to make the relevant decisions.”

The Prime Minister next touched upon the possibility of opening the Chinese market for Armenian goods.

“I would like to make another emphasis on which we have had a working discussion, but I think the publicity of this information is also very important. The Chinese leadership assured at the highest level that they are interested in making the Chinese market accessible for the goods produced in Armenia. And we need to work with our business community, including the manufacturers of wines, alcoholic beverages, and other products. The Chinese side expressed their readiness and political will with regard to Armenian products. Now, it is crucial for us to keep in close touch with the potential exporters and the China partners on matters relating to standards and other issues,” the Premier said, addressing the Minister of Economic Development and Investments.

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