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Nikol Pashinyan: “Government should provide such conditions and such an atmosphere as may create labor incentives and encourage people to work”


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan summed up the outcome of the My Step for Syunik Marz investment business forum. Congratulating the participants on holding a dynamic forum, the Prime Minister highlighted the key features of the debate.

“Firstly, we saw that there really is a huge potential in the Syunik region. Here we saw proposals and even activities related to the field of technology, here we saw interesting agricultural, tourism projects.

It is very important that we are able to create both a legislative, institutional, and moral-psychological environment and conditions so that a person is inspired by his work and encourages others to work. Without work it is impossible to solve any problem, without work it is impossible to create well-being, and this is the most important thing.

We must infect each other with the desire to work, with the energy of work, we must believe in our future, because it is in our hands, because faith in our future means faith in ourselves.

I am convinced that today every citizen of the Republic of Armenia must first believe in himself. Since the time when we were oppositionists, there is such a discourse: whether the opposition must be believed or not, the authorities must be believed or not.

First of all, a person must believe in himself, in his creative power, and our mission is that we act not in such a way that people believe us, but act in such a way that people believe in themselves, because only by faith they will be able to form an effective government each time, form an effective NA, form effective local self-government bodies.

Our biggest mission is that people, citizens of Armenia believe in themselves. At that moment, when we believe in our citizens, our people believe in themselves, they win.

The only guarantor of the victory of our people, our state, our citizens is the faith of every citizen and people as a whole in himself. I am glad that in this room we saw a lot of people who first of all believe in themselves.

Our daily mission is to have these people believe in themselves more and more every day, every hour, every week, because the more they believe in themselves, the more they believe in today and in the future of our common homeland, which we build and will build together step by step.

I wish all of us energy and optimism, and there is no doubt that a citizen of Armenia will continue his triumph, which will never end.

After each new victory, we will win a new victory, because this is a ladder, and our every step to a new step is preparation to take a step to the next step. So our movement is directed not only forward, but also upward.

And I am convinced that today each of us has made, is making and will make his own step in the name of the Syunik region, in the name of the Republic of Armenia, in the name of the Artsakh Republic. Thank you.”

Note that a number of investment programs were presented at the forum and documents were signed on their implementation.

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