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Government suggests waiving the requirement to notify business entities of upcoming metrological inspections at least three working days before the start of the inspection


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A Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Before proceeding to the agenda, the Prime Minister thanked former Justice Minister Artak Zeinalyan for joint work and wished him every success in his future activities.

“This is our first meeting held without former Minister of Justice Artak Zeinalyan. I am convinced that Mr. Zeynalyan’s potential will be used in the process of state-building and institutional development,” the Premier said in this connection.

The meeting approved the Government’s legislative initiative on amending the RA law On Organizing and Conducting Inspections in the Republic of Armenia. The bill implies enhanced efficiency in metrological oversight operations. It suggests waiving the legislative requirement to give business entities a 3-day advance notice of upcoming metrological inspections, considering that once notified of the upcoming inspection, economic entities eliminate the shortcomings in compliance with the applicable standards only for the date of inspection.

Chief of Prime Minister’s Office Eduard Aghajanyan, the Market Inspection Authority keeps receiving information that there are under-filling problems at gas-filling stations.

“The applicable regulations, in particular the requirement to notify at least three days before the inspection make it virtually impossible to disclose such violations. We can address the problem with the proposed amendment,” Eduard Aghajanyan noted.

With another decision, the Government proposed the Speaker of the National Assembly to convene an extraordinary National Assembly sitting on June 28, 11:00 am.

Due to the need to review and amend legislation on the transfer of children to guardianship families, the Government adopted a decision to streamline the procedure for selection, registration and training of those persons or families wishing to become guardians. The bill also streamlines the monitoring process following the adoption of a foster child in a guardianship family, as well as the procedure and amount of monthly benefits provided to such families and the model forms of guardianship deeds.

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