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PM introduces newly appointed Minister Rustam Badasyan to the staff of the Ministry of Justice


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Ministry of Justice to introduce newly appointed Minister Rustam Badasyan to the ministry staff.

The Prime Minister said he knows Mr. Badasyan as an intellectual, a strong-willed and conscientious person with high professional qualities.

“Last year he worked as a deputy chairman of the State Revenue Committee and during that time he showed himself from the best side, demonstrating high organizational skills. I consider it very important that at this decisive stage Mr. Badasyan will head the reforms in the justice system. It is no secret that in this respect we are at this very important and turning point, and the government, the political majority has the political will to build a truly independent judiciary in Armenia. In this regard, it seems to be crucial that the Minister of Justice had full control of the situation and effectively implemented the Government’s political messages.

I wish to thank former Minister of Justice Artak Zeynalyan for the work done during this time. Mr. Zeynalyan is not in Armenia, and this is why he is not present here today. I am convinced that we will use Mr. Zeynalyan’s potential and experience in the process of state-building.

Today, I will have the opportunity to talk about the process of judicial reforms in the National Assembly. I do not want to talk about this in detail here, because we have repeatedly spoken on this subject on various occasions and in different formats.

Mr. Badasyan, it is very important for you to create a positive working atmosphere, and I am sure that you can shape such an atmosphere in order to motivate the Ministry of Justice and the system to work positively, creatively and innovatively. In this regard, I wish you personally, the ministry staff and all of us every success in our undertakings as it would be hard to overestimate the significance of this process,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

Rustam Badasyan thanked the Prime Minister for his confidence and said: “I feel that especially after the resignation of such a highly experienced professional as Mr. Zeynalyan, the ministry is expected to face quite a difficult job in terms of management. I am confident that together we will be able to meet your expectations. I believe that at this stage all of the proposed strategic measures, including the anti-corruption program that is currently being circulated, should be designed in such a way that the public could have a clear idea about the timing of their implementation and the expected result. I am confident that from now on, we will develop our strategic documents in that very way. As the Prime Minister said, we are going to work in a positive atmosphere to fulfill our goals,” the newly appointed Minister of Justice noted.

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