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“Knowledge is the key to solving the problems facing Armenia” - Nikol Pashinyan attends diploma awarding ceremony at Moscow State University Yerevan Branch


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 Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended a gala event timed to the first graduation from the Yerevan Branch of the Moscow State University after M. Lomonosov (MSU). Accompanied by MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichy, the Premier toured the University, after which they planted spruce trees in the courtyard of the university and attended the graduation ceremony.

Addressing those present, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia stated, in part:

“I congratulate all of us on this festive occasion. The existence of such a university in Armenia, in Yerevan meets our vision of the future, because we are convinced that knowledge and research is the key to solving the problems facing Armenia. Universities like this may bring along great teaching and research experience, which is a unique opportunity for us, for our citizens, for our youth.

Taking the opportunity, I wish to thank the Government of the Russian Federation for cooperation and assistance in founding this university, which will help us expand the horizons of our thinking.

I have repeatedly said that strategically the citizens of the Republic of Armenia should speak at least a few foreign languages. And the Russian language is of special importance in this respect. I am delighted that the Moscow State University’s Armenia Branch will becomes a new platform for expanding and developing the Russian language in Armenia.

Dear graduates, reiterating my congratulations I consider it very important and emblematic that the first graduates are being awarded their diplomas in the New Armenia.

The changes underway in Armenia are taking place with your support and your participation. And as MSU graduates, you will make a personal contribution to Armenia’s development; you will help deepen the Armenian-Russian relations as they are of strategic importance to our country.

I wish all of us every success in ensuring Motherland’s prosperity. I am convinced that you are familiar with our well-known slogan, and today you should know that the country’s future depends on the contribution made by each of you.

I wish you every success in your future activities, because your success is the success of Armenia, your success is the success of the Armenian people, and now your success is the success of MSU as it will enhance the University’s image.”

The Prime Minister’s speech was followed by the graduation ceremony. Nikol Pashinyan held a conversation with MSU Rector Viktor Sadovnichy. The Yerevan Branch of the Moscow State University after Lomonosov was established as early as in 2015. 42 students graduated from the University this year; 13 graduates got Red Diplomas.

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