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Government discusses land reform-related issues


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation in the Office of Government to discuss land reform-related issues.

Deputy Minister of Economy Artak Kamalyan presented an analysis of the situation with farmland cultivation in Armenia. He reported that according to their findings, a certain amount of agricultural land in Armenia is not cultivated for various reasons (fragmentation of land, financial problems, lack of irrigation water, low yields, lack of agricultural equipment, etc.) and specific measures are envisaged under the reform package aimed at improving the efficiency of agricultural land, development of the land market, etc.

A phased solution of the problem of unused agricultural land is expected in 2020-2022 by means of amendments to the Land Code, land mapping, creating institutional, legal and infrastructural capabilities and platforms, as well as by establishing clear-cut liability mechanisms for non-use of land.

A number of proposals and recommendations were voiced during the exchange of views that followed.

The Prime Minister stressed that the land reform’s strategic goal stems from the strategy of economic development: a change in the structure of the economy and the transition from an agrarian to industrial country.

The Premier instructed the Deputy Minister of Economy to summarize the proposals voiced during the meeting, finalize the reform concept and discuss with the responsible departments the details of a pilot program to be implemented in one of Armenia’s provinces.

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