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“The Pan-Armenian Games may provide a key platform for all-national dialogue and broader coverage of pan-Armenian issues” - PM meets with Pan-Armenian Games World Committee representatives


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today met with Pan-Armenian Games World Committee members in Stepanakert.

Greeting the Executive Committee representatives, the Prime Minister said he was looking forward to the official opening ceremony with great enthusiasm. The Premier highlighted the importance of holding the Games in Artsakh.

“I find it very emblematic that the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games are being held in Stepanakert, Artsakh. I said yesterday that the decision to hold the Pan-Armenian Games in Artsakh led to the idea that the Games could provide a key platform for all-national dialogue. I find it important for us to elaborate and enhance the pan-Armenian concept. From this perspective, the Pan-Armenian Games are of exceptional significance.

Later last year as we were discussing organizational issues related to the Seventh Pan-Armenian Summer Games, the idea was that we should develop the Pan-Armenian Games to the fullest possible extent so that they could bring about progress in sporting, cultural life and other achievements.

I am very happy that we are going that way, and I really wish every success to the Pan-Armenian Games, especially as the Games are taking on a special meaning with this new situation, and I hope we can all work to that effect. If we compare the first Pan-Armenian games with the second, third games, we can see that there is steady progress, and we must do everything to make that progress more visible and effective.

We are facing challenges in the field of sports, and I think that it is as much important to involve the pan-Armenian resource in addressing those issues. The Pan-Armenian Games should provide a good platform for discovering talented Armenian athletes and considering the possibility of incorporating them in Armenia’s national teams in order to boost Armenia’s athletic record, since I am convinced that we boast such resources all over the world.”

Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan briefed that the organizational matters are proceeding normally. He said that 161 cities from 35 countries are participating with an overall number of delegates reaching 5300. The largest delegation comes from Russia – 368 athletes from 14 cities. This year, athletes from the UAE, Iraq and the Czech Republic are participating for the first time. The United States’ delegation is composed of 318 participants – the largest ever U.S. delegation to the Games. The largest European delegation comes from France with 178 athletes from 6 cities. Australia boasts the largest number of delegates with 86 participants as compared to previous Games.

Pan-Armenian Games World Committee Chairman Ishkhan Zakaryan introduced the committee members, noting that football, chess, cycling, arm-wrestling tournaments had already started in Artsakh - Askeran, Martakert, Martuni - tomorrow.

The Seventh Pan-Armenian Summer Games program features a total of 17 sporting events: 5 tournaments in Artsakh, 12 - in Yerevan. He gave details on the accommodation of delegations and the provision of appropriate conditions.

The Prime Minister and the Pan-Armenian Games World Committee members exchanged views over the further development of the event. The organization of winter and paralympic games was discussed, in particular.

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The 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games will be held in Armenia and Artsakh on August 5-17. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Games. The opening ceremony and 3 days of competition will be held in Stepanakert, and the next days of competition - on August 9-17 in Yerevan. The ceremonious inaugural ceremony of the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games will take place today at the Stepanakert Republican Stadium after Stepan Shahumyan and the closing ceremony will be held on August 17 in Yerevan’s Liberty Square.

The Pan-Armenian Games World Committee is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Games are held as an internationally recognized event.

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