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PM joins his wife and daughters to attend Gyumri Day-dated festivities


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Accompanied by his spouse Anna Hakobyan and his daughters, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan traveled to Gyumri and partook in the Gyumri Day-dated festivities. This year the events dedicated to Gyumri Day are held under the motto of “City of Gyumri Masters.”

The Prime Minister’s visit to Gyumri started from the renovated Shiraz Street. Ani Brass Band performed the work “Gyumri-Leninakan,” then the grand opening of Shiraz Street took place. The red ribbon at the entrance to the street was cut by the grandchildren of famous Armenian poet Hovhannes Shiraz.

The Head of Government walked along the streets of Gyumri, greeted the residents, congratulated them on City Day and offered them his best wishes. During a walk down Shiraz Street, Nikol Pashinyan got acquainted with artistic works authored by Gyumri Aesthetic Center’s pupils, as well as with the works presented as part of the Festival of Crafts and Arts. The festival featured a total of 21 stands.

The Premier’s next port of call was Rustaveli Street. There, the Prime Minister and his family visited St. Nshan Church, listened to organ music, and then watched a dance performed by Ani dance ensemble in the courtyard of the church. Nikol Pashinyan and Anna Hakobyan joined the dance and danced to the sounds of traditional Armenian music.

The museum was founded in 1984 and is also called Dzitokhtsonts House-Museum, since the Dzitokhtsyan brothers who emigrated from the village of Dzitokh of Western Armenia lived in it.

Nikol Pashinyan and Anna Hakobyan also visited the House-Museum of the sculptor Sergey Merkurov. During the tour, they got acquainted with the exhibits presented in the museum. The museum presents sculptures and posthumous masks of famous people, such as Hovhannes Tumanyan, Khrimyan Hayrik, Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Lenin and other Soviet-era public figures. A total of 30 posthumous masks and 13 sculptures are on display at the museum.

Later today, the Head of Government will attend a concert entitled “Gyumri Day 2019.”

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