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PM Nikol Pashinyan attends concert dedicated to Tigran Mansuryan's 80th anniversary


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan joined his daughters to attend a concert at A. Spendiaryan National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, devoted to renowned Armenian composer, RA Honored Art Figure, RA People’s Artist Tigran Mansuryan. The concert is being held within the framework of Maestro Mansourian-80, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Tigran Mansuryan.

The symphonic orchestra performed works by the master of classical music of Armenian classical music. In his speech, Prime Minister Pashinyan emphasized that Tigran Mansuryan is one of the greatest figures of our contemporary art and music.

“But we usually record the fact because it is more visible and perceptible and sometimes we don't notice the path that is actually more important. On January 27 as I had the opportunity to visit the maestro to congratulate him on his birthday and spend some time in his family environment, I discovered a new Tigran Mansuryan for me because I understood the perception that people usually have and certainly have in the case of Tigran Mansuryan , needs some revision, because I am sure a lot of musicians, artists, just seeing and looking at Tigran Mansuryan, they say, here's a lucky man, here’s a successful man, here's a story of a successful life, here’s a person born under a lucky star is listening.

In fact, however, this is not a gift of fortune to man, but a victory of destiny, because a man born in Lebanon as a refugee and hoping for a good life in Soviet Armenia, found himself in an extremely difficult social situation, in extremely difficult conditions, and here is the point. has been able to rise to the floor of creative glory.

This story is more important to me because when the maestro was telling his story that day, so it is in 90 percent of Armenian families, his relatives say, well, those difficult stories, difficulties, problems do not need to be told, etc., I was saying: “No, on the contrary, it must be told to show the victory of man over his own destiny. Because this story is important to me, not to Tigran Mansurian’s characterization, but to others, especially today to show that there is a way to overcome one's own despair, one’s own helplessness, one's own sense of deadlock, and one is strong enough to one’s own destiny, others. to overcome the destiny imposed upon him, to overcome himself, to overcome and win the judgment of defeat.

That is why Tigran Mansuryan's image is important to me because I know that his image should help others and encourage them to overcome their own selfishness and gain confidence in their own strengths.

I used to thing that “A Little Bit of Sky” is a masterpiece in the field of film music, and I soon realized that my non-professional opinion was shared by professionals as well. And here’s the fact, I think, to supplement what I say, because yes, that masterpieces also show a human’s victory over his own destiny, the liberation of man from the conditions imposed upon him, the power of man, the will of man, the power of man, and I think that That's the power of Tigran Mansuryan’s music.

Tigran Mansuryan’s music imparts strength, optimism, a sense of unity because we may have different feelings during the day, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but when we are gathered in this hall and Tigran Mansurian’s music sounds, all of us we are with the same feeling, with that creativity, with that genius, with that talent, with a sense of joy.

Maestro, I want to thank you for the years-long sense of unity that you gave to many generations, and I bow to you, your artistic record and your image today: you are an unquestionable authority, unquestionable morality and unquestionable respect,” the Prime Minister said.

Nikol Pashinyan thanked Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan and Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Arayik Harutyunyan for organizing Tigran Mansuryan’s jubilee at a high, dignified and proper level.

“And a hall like this is a hall of dreams. I want all the halls of all cultural events in the Republic of Armenia to be this way, united and so appreciative of art and culture – such art and culture that we can truly call a national value, a state value that is to be with us for many years ahead. Special thanks to the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia and, of course, to all those in attendance who were right to state that this hall is the best place to be at this hour, in the company of maestro Tigran Mansuryan,” Nikol Pashinyan concluded.

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