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Strategic military exercises to be held on September 24-October 5, involving government agencies and local self-government organizations: the aim is to raise the country’s security level


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A Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The Government adopted a decision on conducting military training sessions and drills in order to coordinate the activities of state agencies and local self-government bodies and organizations in the process of call-up preparations and mobilization.

Presenting the draft, Minister of Defense David Tonoyan noted that it is envisaged to hold strategic military exercises in the period from September 24 to October 5, involving government agencies and local self-government organizations. The campaign will feature training sessions and exercises designed to determine the combat readiness and capability of those bodies and the armed forces under conventional conditions. The draft sets out the objectives, the scope of action taken by the competent authorities. Exercises with the involvement of reservists and vehicles will also be announced.

The Cabinet passed a decision on amending the 2019 State Budget Law, Government Decision N 1515-N of 27 December, 2018, improving the applicable procurements procedures and amending Government Decision N 980-N of August 1, 2019. The draft decision relates to the project of the Gyumri customs car park, which is to implement customs clearance functions in Gyumri.

The Head of Government stated in this connection: “This is our third decision on the matter at hand that we are making considering the fact that the Gyumri customs house construction is taking place under emergency conditions. Therefore, it is important to meet the proposed deadlines, so that it would be active in the import phase of specific vehicles.”

The Government decided to establish the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the State of Israel (seat: Tel Aviv) and the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (seat: Addis Ababa).

The meeting amended Government Decision N 145-N of January 30, 2014, with a view to enhancing the targeting of social assistance programs, in particular by targeting families living in extreme poverty, simplifying the procedures for registering in the vulnerability assessment system, expanding opportunities for inclusion in seasonal employment programs without depriving them of family or social benefits.

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