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Anticorruption strategy discussed in government


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Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a consultative meeting was held in the Office of Government to discuss issues related to the Anticorruption Strategy of the Republic of Armenia.

The discussion focused on the formation of an institutional anticorruption system as envisaged by the strategy. Reference was made to the establishment of an anticorruption committee as a specialized body to investigate corruption crimes, as well as the scope and direction of its activities. In this context, issues related to investigative and operational intelligence functions, as well as the training / retraining of relevant specialists and expert capacity building were discussed during the meeting.

To provide for maximum efficiency, Prime Minister Pashinyan stressed the need for having qualified and well-trained specialists on the committee, and ensuring close cooperation and exchange of experience between law enforcement agencies. The Head of Government emphasized the importance of interagency discussions aimed at comprehensive development of the Anticorruption Strategy, and instructed to complete work on the final version in accordance with the proposed timetable.

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