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“Do not steal, be productive, be innovative, be open to cooperation and hold to the team spirit!” - PM states the “rules of the game” for doing business in Armenia


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with entrepreneurs from Aragatsotn Marz as part of the My Step for Aragatsotn Marz investment forum.

Issues of interest to business representatives and possible investment programs were discussed at the meeting. In particular, problems related to the development of the wine industry, the creation of new modern vineyards, the provision of credit, the development of infrastructure, including road construction, the uninterrupted supply of electricity, water distribution were discussed.

Referring to the business world, the Prime Minister stressed that in our country, it is necessary to make an appropriate diagnosis on medium and large companies. “It is necessary to change the image and perception of large companies in Armenia. We have to admit that by saying the “big business” we always understand something bad in Armenia, but in reality, changes are underway, and people came to realize that big business is not such a bad phenomenon. Large companies must play a leading role. Unfortunately, so far we are talking about small and medium-sized enterprises with the logic of survival, but small businesses need to become medium-sized enterprises, medium-sized enterprises - large corporations and the latter - global enterprises. We are prepared to do everything so that society does not perceive big business as a vulture that destroys everything. We need to be able to support small and medium-sized businesses, but that does not mean we have to limit opportunities for big business,” he said.

The Head of Government added that we are now seeing a new generation of businessmen in our country and society should see them as one of the most important players.

“With regard to pensions, the solution of the needs of the soldier, education, these needs are met by the taxes of businessmen. They must therefore feel not only the support of the government, but also the attitude of society,” the Prime Minister noted.

In response to a question asked by one of the attendees, Nikol Pashinyan talked about the planned agrarian reform. The Head of Government stressed the importance of the reform and added that the Executive is now working in this direction.

“The structure of our agriculture does not serve national and state aspirations, because by saying agriculture, we continue to understand that a person must suffer and not achieve results. Our task is to develop industrial agriculture, which is impossible without land reform,” the Head of Government said.

Regarding infrastructure, Nikol Pashinyan noted that it is necessary for the state to assume responsibility for the construction of the highway leading to this investment object in the case of specific investment programs. The Prime Minister noted that this principle should be included in next year’s State budget. “It will also be an expression of our attitude,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

Speaking about the “rules of the game”, the Premier stressed that many people say that these rules are not clear. “I would like to point out that there are four rules in the game: Do not steal! This applies to everyone, public servants and ordinary people. The failure to give a cash register ticket at a store is a theft equivalent to corruption. A corrupt official and a shop assistant who does not give a receipt are alike in their dealings. Secondly, we should be more productive! Each citizen should strive to redouble the result. Thirdly, be innovative! Fourthly, be open to cooperation and hold to the team spirit! The latter has to do with the relations between a farmer and a businessman. If they do not declare to be partners, nothing will change. Dialogue is one of the ways to solve these problems,” the Prime Minister said concerning farmer-purveyor relations in the process of grapes procurement.

Coming to the problems faced in the field of power supply, the Prime Minister advised the ENA manager has pledged to invest USD 60 million in 2020.

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