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Labor and Social Affairs Ministry’s bid for 2020 State budget allocations examined in Government


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Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the request for 2020 State budget allocation to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was discussed in Government.

The Prime Minister noted that when considering the State budget requests for 2020, it is necessary to take into account the trends of 2019 and balance the spending for the next year. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zarouhi Batoyan reported on the work done and underway in the field of employment promotion, benefit and allowance system improvement, the reform of the elderly and child care centers, vacancies and social assistance. Concerning the reform of the elderly care centers, Zarouhi Batoyan advised that a pilot project is to be implemented next year in Gyumri’s Boarding House in order to delegate services to a private organization.

As far as child care is concerned, the Ministry will pursue its policy of providing day care services, creating a needs-based, education-focused development center, and engage the private sector in the service delivery process. Prime Minister Pashinyan made a number of recommendations on the measures to be taken in the aforementioned areas. In particular, touching on the benefits system, the Premier emphasized that it should possibly promote employment and raise citizens’ awareness of the opportunities stemming from the reform.

Nikol Pashinyan urged those responsible to continue work on identification of irregular beneficiaries, expand the scope of non-cash payment of pensions, develop the use of digital technologies, as well as ensure effective and targeted implementation of the “Work Armenia” program. The Head of Government instructed the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs to submit a sector development strategy by the end of the year.

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