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Budget revenue and expenditure-related issues discussed in government


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Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a consultative meeting was held in Government to discuss this year’s budget exercise and the measures aimed at implementing the 2020 State budget.

The discussion focused on budget revenue and expenditure-related issues, the reform of public procurement procedures, the proposed legislative and institutional improvements, the estimate of capital expenditures in 2020, and related documents. Reference was specifically made to the measures taken to put an end to the practice of 100% down payment in the public procurement system.

The Premier stressed the need for making consistent efforts in this direction and urged the heads of public agencies to abide by this principle in organizing the procurements. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of having strict budgetary discipline enforced in state agencies and instructed the ministers and the heads of state agencies to develop a roadmap for capital expenditures and related projects for 2020 in the shortest possible deadlines.

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