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Prime Minister Pashinyan hosts grieving mothers


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today hosted the parents of perished soldiers. The Head of Government congratulated the grieving mothers on March 8, but noted that the meeting sought objectives other than congratulations.

“We just wished to take the opportunity to have a talk with you. Neither the judicial proceedings will be the focus of today’s meeting: our discussion will be much wider. First of all, I want to state my feelings about the fact that from time to time you have been staging actions in front of the government building or government agencies. I cannot say what it looks like from aside, but it always gives me deep sorrow, and I think it is also a big pain for the Republic of Armenia and our people.

But there is a global question here: how will it all end? Because there is a very simple problem: we have to find a solution, because first of all it is a big pain for you, as well as a big pain for our people.

We have to realize that we must find a solution, I consider it our common problem; I mean the problem of our people, because people have a natural question about what kind of story it is and when this story will end. This is a problem for our state, the Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, the Government, and therefore I invited you to suggest solutions, because at our first meeting we agreed on some formula, which proved non-functional, so we need to find a new approach.

But I want us all to concur with the following argument: we must accept the truth, no matter what this truth is, no matter how acceptable or unacceptable it is for each of us, and how much we want to come to terms with it. After all, we all must face the truth as it is. Our task today is as follows: as a result of all this, you should stop your actions in case we agree upon the ways to achieve a solution. Otherwise, you may continue your actions,” the Prime Minister said.

The Premier invited parents to form a joint alternative investigative group, which will consist of three lawyers that they trust. Nikol Pashinyan noted that the investigation team will also include three lawyers proposed by him, whose candidacy must get the parents’ approval.

The Prime Minister added that the government will cover all the costs for lawyers, and the parents, in agreement with the investigation team, will determine the principle of investigation: in alphabetical order or by statute of limitations. The need to ensure that the investigating team members had not been previously involved in said criminal cases was emphasized on both sides.

After exchanging views on the Prime Minister’s proposal, Nikol Pashinyan listened to parents’ questions and proposals. As a result, the aforementioned proposal was approved, and it was agreed that the parents should name their candidates in writing on April 10 this year.

In conclusion, Nikol Pashinyan suggested meeting once again by this April 10 to follow up the discussion in a working manner.

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