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Meeting on government action to develop agricultural programs


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Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the Government continues discussing the draft program of measures to deal with the adverse consequences of the coronavirus. Today’s meeting focused on activities in the field of agriculture.

The discussion was attended by the heads of departments representing the economic bloc of the government, Chairman of NA Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Nature Protection Varazdat Karapetyan, Chairman of NA Standing Committee on Economic Affairs Babken Tunyan and Deputy Chair of NA Standing Committee on Financial and Fiscal Affairs Artak Manukyan.

The speakers emphasized that the program seeks to mitigate the coronavirus-related liquidity risks for economic entities engaged in the agricultural sector and help address the problems faced in agriculture through subsidies and development-targeted action.

A number of proposals and recommendations were voiced during the exchange of views that followed.

The Prime Minister instructed the decision-makers concerned to finalize the draft based on the results of today’s discussion and submit it to the government for approval.

The Government will hold discussions on assistance to healthcare, welfare and other sectors.

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