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Nikol Pashinyan: “The government will attract new investments and will expand the range of existing programs”


Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the government held another meeting to discuss ways of improving its investment policy amid the coronavirus-caused epidemic. Possibilities for promoting investment through the Armenian State Interest Fund (ASIF) were discussed during the meeting.

ASIF Director David Papazyan presented proposals on investment programs in the fields of industry, healthcare, agriculture, tourism and light industry using the mechanism of cooperation between the public-private sector (PPP). He referred to the strategy, goals and management instruments used by the ASIF, as well as to existing opportunities.

Views were exchanged on procedures, institutional management standards, as well as the risk assessment and management tools for the programs implemented under the public-private sector partnership principle. “The government will use its toolkit to attract new investments and expand the range of existing programs in a bid to foster economic recovery,” the Prime Minister said, summing up the discussion.

Nikol Pashinyan told the responsible officials to take stock of those state assets where there is a problem of improving management efficiency, identify the areas with good investment prospects and submit specific options for pilot programs based on proper assessment of results and risks.

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