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Government approves AMD 8.5 billion for application submitted by economic entities - discussions on anti-crisis measures continue


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Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a regular meeting was held in the Office of Government to discuss ways of addressing the pandemic-caused socio-economic problems.

The meeting first reviewed progress in the ongoing activities aimed at curbing the economic impact of the outbreak of COVID-19. In particular, it was reported that applications for providing credit resources to economic entities at preferential conditions worth 8.5 billion drams have already been approved, which is a threefold increase as compared to the previous day. Discussions of applications continue on a large scale: the number of beneficiaries and the overall amount of assistance keeps growing.

Prime Minister Pashinyan emphasized the importance of the ongoing process. He said it once again testifies that his government’s anti-crisis measures are being successfully implemented.

Then, the State Interest Fund of Armenia-developed “Equity co-financing program” was discussed, which provides that investment programs will be implemented in agriculture, healthcare, industry, tourism and in military industry, based on the public-private sector partnership principle. A number of proposals and recommendations were voiced during the exchange of views that followed.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister instructed those responsible to continue program discussions in order to assess its effectiveness.

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