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Progress in credit-funded programs discussed in Government


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The process of implementing credit programs in the system of public administration, healthcare and social spheres was discussed today during a consultation chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

In particular, it was reported that the goal of the 3rd credit program on modernization of the public sector, underway since 2016, is the introduction of an electronic management system, as well as digitization tools in the public administration. The program is expected to complete in 2022. USD 11 million of the 21 million dollar-loan has already been distributed. USD 8.3 million will be disbursed by this yearend.

Measures are being taken to build and refurbish medical centers and provide screening examinations in outpatient clinics under the Disease Prevention and Control Program. The Martuni Medical Center construction tender will be completed and construction activities will start in the near future.

Integrated social centers are being built countrywide in the framework of the credit program implemented in the field of labor and social affairs. 27 similar centers have already been built; work on the construction of 11 centers is underway. 25 such centers will be built by the year 2023.

Highlighting the effective implementation of loan-supported programs, the Prime Minister issued specific instructions.

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