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PM: “No high performing student should be fired for failure to pay tuition fees”


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Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, discussions continue on actions aimed at minimizing the adverse socioeconomic impact of COVID-19.

New proposals were presented at today’s meeting, which discussed ways of supporting universities and students. Tuition fee compensation mechanisms and student loans for high-performing students were on the agenda.

In this connection, the Premier emphasized that not a single student with high academic performance should be fired for failure to pay the tuition fee, and the government had to assist such students as far as possible. Nikol Pashinyan ordered to finalize the proposals and submit them for the government’s approval.

The interim results of the government-approved 13 programs were summed up during the meeting. The Prime Minister instructed those responsible to take the necessary steps to ensure smooth implementation of the planned activities and provide full support to beneficiaries.

Views were exchanged on the possibility of expanding the scope of people in need of social assistance. The Premier stressed the importance of identifying new vulnerable groups and gave appropriate instructions. Reference was also made to the promotion of business activities.

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