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43.3 billion drams provided in social and economic assistance as part of anti-COVID-19 effort


Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a regular consultation was held in the Office of Government to discuss Armenia’s socio-economic situation amid the ongoing pandemic.

The meeting first summed up the government’s anti-crisis actions. It was reported that as of today AMD 43.3 billion has been made available in social and economic assistance as part of the ongoing anti-COVID-19 effort. The following indicators are currently recorded: 1st program - 264 satisfied applications, the amount of assistance - 19.5 billion drams; 2nd program - 3887 satisfied applications and 5.2 billion drams respectively; 3rd program - 430 satisfied applications, 4.8 billion drams; 5th program - 11,296 beneficiaries, 1.8 billion drams; 8th program - 86 522 beneficiaries, 6 billion drams; 9th program - 72,403 beneficiaries, 1.9 billion drams; 10th program - 2365 beneficiaries, 141.7 million drams.

The process of identifying beneficiaries and assisting with these programs is still going on. The 13th and 14th activities are underway, and planned financial assistance will be provided over the next week. The 4th, 6th, 7th, 11th and 12th activities are complete, the following indicators are recorded: 4th program - 2093 beneficiaries and 209.3 mln drams respectively; 6th program - 6723 beneficiaries, 457 million drams; 7th program - 8751 beneficiaries, 875 million drams; 11th program - 450,827 beneficiaries; 786 million drams, 12th program - 486,434 beneficiaries, 1.8 billion drams.

Touching on the possibility of expanding the scope of targeted social support, the meeting reviewed a number of proposals, including the ones concerning eligibility criteria and vulnerable groups. The Premier instructed to finalize the proposals and submit them for approval.

The meeting next focused on longer-term strategic projects. Development prospects, opportunities and industry priorities were discussed from the perspective of ongoing global processes. Issues related to socioeconomic assistance and toolkits were raised during the exchange of views that followed. .

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