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“May 9 Victory and Shushi Liberation instill confidence in our abilities, in our present and future” - Nikol Pashinyan meets with Bako Sahakyan


RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today met with Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan in Stepanakert.

Welcoming Prime Minister Pashinyan, Bako Sahakyan noted: “Shortly after assuming the office of Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia in 2018, you visited the Republic of Artsakh. The presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia on this occasion makes the Triple Holiday especially valuable. Earlier today, we had the opportunity to once again pay tribute to the memory of our perished heroes. On this day we also honor all those who dedicated their lives and contributed to the liberation of our Motherland.

Today a large army of citizens continue to develop and improve our Motherland. Traditionally, we use our meetings to sum up the work done in the previous period, and visit the Armed Forces. And today you and I will visit the Armed Forces of the Republic of Artsakh, and I am more than confident that our recent work and given assignments will become an additional proof that our Motherland is protected, the defenders of our Motherland conscientiously perform their patriotic duties, thus creating additional opportunities to increase the efficiency of our work for the future.

Later today we will visit several economic entities that keep running successfully owing to our joint efforts. I am convinced that the joint work will provide a solid groundwork for the furtherance of our national potential. I am pleased to welcome you and congratulations on the Triple Holiday.”

In turn, Prime Minister Pashinyan noted: “Dear Mr. President, I congratulate all of us on our Triple Holiday, and especially on the Day of Shushi Liberation. For the third year now we have been celebrating this glorious holiday together in Stepanakert, and I think it is a very good tradition, which has a deep content.

Presidential and parliamentary elections were recently held in Artsakh, and I would also like to congratulate you on this occasion. Soon the new president will take office, but I would like to thank you for our joint work during this time. I am confident that we will have new occasions and opportunities to discuss and implement the programs planned during this period.

I wish to state that despite the pandemic, I see Artsakh and Stepanakert from an optimistic perspective. Our common and national goal is that every May 9 be marked with greater festivity in Artsakh, Armenia and by Armenians worldwide: we have a more optimistic vision of the future, and we are more confident in today’s day. I am confident that this will be the case because our nation has a huge potential. In fact, only a small part of that potential has actually been materialized, and the May 9 Victory and Shushi Liberation instill confidence in our abilities, in our present and future. We all have a collective and common duty before our fallen heroes. We must fulfill this duty with honor and repay the debt tenfold to their descendants. Congratulations on the Triple Holiday!”

The interlocutors discussed issues of further cooperation between the governments of Armenia and Artsakh during the meeting.

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