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PM: “Military industry should act as a locomotive for the economy”


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation to discuss ways of promoting state orders for military needs. The meeting was attended by the Secretary of the Security Council, the Chief of the Prime Minister’s Staff, as well as representatives from defense and security agencies and the Ministry of High-Tech Industry.

“The government program stipulated as a key political vision that the military industry should act as a locomotive for the economy, or more precisely, it ought to lead the edge in this field. Accordingly, we made some changes in the structure of the government, as a result of which the Ministry of High-Tech Industry was entrusted with the management and coordination of the military-industrial complex. I should note that during this time I myself made sure that we have the necessary intellectual, scientific and professional capacity to deal with this problem in the Republic of Armenia. Now we need to provide two key components at the right level to tap this potential.

I would not prioritize either of the following two components, since they will have to be implemented in parallel. I mean the development of production capacity and export infrastructure. Of course, this is a matter of strategic discussion. But at this stage we need to make the most appropriate and effective decisions when forming state orders for military needs in order to simultaneously solve two problems: first, to stimulate the military-industrial complex and develop military industry in Armenia, and on the other hand, to meet the emerging security challenges,” the Prime Minister said.

The Premier was briefed on the work done over the past one year with a view to developing effective systems and mechanisms, including the problems encountered and the remedial action implemented in this process.

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