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PM introduces newly appointed Minister Romanos Petrosyan to Ministry of Environment staff


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced newly appointed Minister Romanos Petrosyan to the staff of the Ministry of Environment.

The Premier congratulated Mr. Petrosyan on his appointment and thanked Erik Grigoryan for his valuable efforts as Minister of Nature Protection and then as Minister of Environment. The Head of Government noted that Erik Grigoryan is one of the best specialists in the given field, and he will continue to contribute to the efforts aimed at developing the environment. Nikol Pashinyan also thanked Vahe Jilavyan for proper exercise of ministerial duties.

“Mr. Petrosyan is being transferred from the post of Kotayk Marz Governor. We should state that he lived up to his mission and carried out effective activities as Marz Governor. And we have to express hope and confidence that his efforts will be as effective or perhaps more effective in the capacity of Minister of Environment.

We often witness extreme approaches to the environment or nature not only in Armenia, but also around the globe. On the one hand, we can see nature worship; while on the other hand, we are faced with complete contempt for nature. And our task is to find such a balanced approach between nature and human civilization that could offset the existing contradiction.

We must state with regret that civilization itself is at odds with the environment, since any manifestation of civilization takes something away from nature: many things have already been irrevocably taken from nature. But on the other hand, the challenges emerging today pose serious threats to civilization itself. And we must find the right way of coexistence,” the Prime Minister said.

The Premier emphasized that the Government Program is based on the concept of Green Armenia. In other words, the Executive envisions Armenia as a country that meets the highest environmental standards. And the biggest challenges start from everyday life and end at the industrial level in this sphere.

“Our daily life, our industry, and our mining industry must meet such standards as we can call balanced. To say that we should give up the use of natural resources altogether is actually not reasonable, and even impossible. But on the other hand, we cannot go the way of environmental disasters: it is not the right path, besides we will not allow it,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister pointed to the fact of serious problems available in this sphere, from the uncontrollable volume of garbage in Armenia to the pollution of Lake Sevan. “The problem keeps aggravating all the way through our daily activities for many years. When it appears, we ask ourselves how this could happen; what the Ministry of Environment, the Minister and the Deputy Minister did last week to prevent Sevan from getting green? Unfortunately, we do not notice that things like that cannot happen within a week, a month, a year, or even ten years even with the worst minister, deputy minister or the worst government. This is the result of our years-long activities, our way of life, our leisure, or the way we do business. Walking along the shore of Lake Sevan, we can see an ecological disaster at every step. Suppose the water out there is not green: it is clear, transparent and blue. But what is happening around Lake Sevan cannot be described otherwise as an ecological disaster,” the Prime Minister said.

Coming to the results registered in recent years, Nikol Pashinyan noted that during Erik Grigoryan’s tenure, poaching considerably decreased in Armenia. He mentioned the fact of serious, tangible success in terms of forest protection.

“While it is true that environmental problems develop over several years, in the meantime nature responds very quickly to the steps taken to protect it. Environment is also important from the point of view of Armenia’s political, tourism and economic image. This is a strategic direction, and here we must achieve tangible success,” the Prime Minister said.

Erik Grigoryan thanked the Prime Minister for cooperation and congratulated Romanos Petrosyan on assuming office. The ex-Minister noted that Mr. Petrosyan’s success is the success of all citizens of the Republic of Armenia, because living in a healthy environment is the right of all citizens of Armenia.

“Mr. Prime Minister, we have involved the best experts from international structures, from the private sector over the past two years. Today, the ministry has a lot of highly qualified specialists. As you mentioned, there were significant changes in the fields of reforestation and hydropower engineering. The latter was completely out of control, but it is mostly under control at the moment. For the first time, the state, through the efforts of the government, began to invest resources in reforestation. Last year half a million trees were planted, this year 2 million willows were planted under one anti-crisis program alone. Much more will be planted by yearend, but the great idea of making Armenia green, that is, increasing forest areas, will help us address not only environmental problems, but also economic and social challenges, since many of our citizens will get involved in those activities,” Erik Grigoryan said, noting that drastic changes have taken place in the field of water use. He assured that he will always stand by the government with his knowledge, experience and resources, and will try to be of service when needed.

“It is an honor for every citizen of the Republic of Armenia to serve the nation, his country, so that the citizens of the Republic of Armenia could live in a more dignified and better environment,” the ex-minister concluded.

In this connection, the Prime Minister regretted that the coronavirus prevented the Government from implementing the project of planting 10 million trees this year. “But we will implement that idea. We are now completing the strategy of Armenia’s transformation until 2050, which states that doubling Armenia's forested areas is a strategic issue,” the Premier said.

Newly appointed Minister Romanos Petrosyan thanked the Prime Minister for confidence and assured that he would invest all his potential, effort and dedication in having a more guaranteed, protected, knowledge-based management and developing environment in the Republic of Armenia.

“Deep reforms are taking place today in post-revolutionary democratic Armenia in all spheres of public life, including environmental management, which directly affects the quality of life. We must announce our starting point and work together to achieve a better quality of life in Armenia, for the sake of the Republic of Armenia, for the sake of the Armenian people, for the sake of the citizens of Armenia,” Romanos Petrosyan said.

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