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PM Pashinyan, Artsakh Republic President hold private talks in Stepanakert

29.08.2020 - 29.08.2020

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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is paying a working visit to the Artsakh Republic. Earlier today the Armenian Premier and the President of Artsakh held private talks in Stepanakert.

“Dear Mr. Prime Minister, first of all I wish to thank you for paying another visit to Artsakh. I would like to share my impression of yesterday’s ceremonious event held in Sardarapat.

Yesterday was a symbolic day. We have had many opportunities to appreciate our soldiers’ bravery, but the successful defensive operation in Tavush made me remember the heroic battles of 1990s. Let me say that this is another brilliant victory recorded during the years of independence. I want to congratulate all of us on yesterday’s event, which came to evidence that the path we have chosen is right.

I would like to greet you again in the Republic of Artsakh. We have planned a visit to the Armed Forces, to the front line, but also some large economic projects, which are of systemic importance not only for Artsakh’s economy, but also for the economy of the Republic of Armenia. You are welcome to Artsakh,” Arayik Harutyunyan said.

“Mr. President, I am glad for today’s meeting. This is my first visit to Artsakh after your inauguration. Of course, we will reciprocate several visits; we will have the opportunity to discuss the processes taking place in our region.

Unfortunately, the military-political situation in the region remains tense: we are witnessing provocative actions. On the other hand, our tactics, strategy and the development strategy have not changed, because those continued provocations are predictable.

We have discussed the parameters many times. We have a hectic joint agenda, including first of all the development of the Armenian Armed Forces, and the Artsakh Defense Army. We have specific commitments with regard to Artsakh. We have rather a broad agenda in the field of economy and energy.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has somewhat affected the economic environment, and we have to make more efforts not only to set the economic mood to the one we had before pandemic, but also to give much higher notes.

Yesterday’s event was very important, I am glad that we will have a similar ceremony in Stepanakert, which is important, too. Events like that promote national unity; they give us new strength and energy, because the dreams and the noble ideas cherished by our living heroes, our martyrs should serve as a guideline in our daily work. Indeed, we should realize that this will not happen in one go, we just have to be consistent,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

“I would like to introduce the economic situation in a few words. The opportunity created by the Government of the Republic of Armenia under your direct leadership will help us sum up the year without shortfalls. This is a great success for us, and we predict a double-digit growth for the coming year, based on the programs we have launched today. They are aimed at infrastructure development, large-scale road building activities, construction of irrigation systems. A major irrigation system modernization and development program is underway, due to be complete in a year and a half.

At this stage, we envisage the possibility of irrigating 35,000 hectares, which will not only redress the economic indicators, but also, as we discussed at the joint session of the Security Councils, will help us meet the food security challenges facing our common homeland.

Of course, we will not limit ourselves to this: we have set clear-cut objectives in terms of processing capacities, especially in the food industry. In general, food processing industry is seen as a priority, and we are looking for opportunities to enter new markets.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you once again for sustained cooperation and for your prompt responsiveness to our needs. This is what matters most to us,” the President of the Artsakh Republic said.

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