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PM: “We must continue to make high-quality and large-scale capital expenditures”


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Today the Government discussed a mid-term report on capital expenditure programs implemented in 2020 through state budget funding, loans and grant facilities.

The Prime Minister was briefed on the programs implemented by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Yerevan Town Hall.

The meeting reviewed the status of the ongoing capital expenditure programs in the spheres of road construction, energy, water supply, regional and urban infrastructure, solid waste processing, healthcare and education. The intermediate results and further steps were discussed during the meeting.

The speakers noted that road construction is in full swing; tenders have been held; the planned activities are being implemented with success. Prime Minister Pashinyan highlighted the importance of exercising technical oversight over road building activities. He asked the stakeholders to submit a proposal on the expediency of consolidating the lots.

The meeting went on to discuss new initiatives for 2020. The Premier suggested exploring the possibility of building modular kindergartens in a number of rural settlements. In this context, he cited the example of a kindergarten built in Arevik community (Armavir Marz). A modular kindergarten is being built with state budget funding in Arevik, which after a 30-year break will have a kindergarten for 140 children by the end of this year.

The Head of Government told those responsible to take stock of settlements, where modular kindergartens can be built based on community-specific needs and capabilities. Nikol Pashinyan instructed them to finalize the list of new capital initiatives in the spheres of education and healthcare and report back progress.

“Capital expenditure implies new jobs, wages, economic entities that can generate and make profits. This will help us improve the socio-economic situation in the country. In this regard, we must continue to implement high-quality and large-scale capital investment programs,” the Premier concluded.

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