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PM Pashinyan holds phone conversation with Robert O’Brien


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today had a telephone conversation with U.S. President’s National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien on the initiative of the American side.

The Premier called his interlocutor’s attention to the fact that in breach of all norms accepted in international relations and ignoring the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs’ efforts, Azerbaijan violated ceasefire agreements three times in a row, the last of which had been reached in the U.S. capital.

Nikol Pashinyan stressed that Turkey backs Azerbaijan in this matter, and it is impossible to enforce the truce without specifying which side has broken the ceasefire and who is interested in continuing the hostilities.

The American side assured that they will continue their mediation efforts aimed at achieving a ceasefire and ruling out the involvement of third parties in the conflict.

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