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Prime Minister: “Syunik is the backbone of our statehood, and we must take all necessary measures to ensure its security”


The situation and security measures in connection with the change in the border environment in Syunik region were discussed during the meeting held today under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Addressing the meeting, Prime Minister Pashinyan said: “Dear colleagues, today’s meeting is dedicated to the problems faced in Syunik region. We have to discuss a fairly wide range of issues. The border environment in Syunik has undergone significant changes following the well-known events, and today we must discuss the measures being taken to ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia in the Syunik sector. We must discuss the work done so far, as well as which way these activities should go. Indeed, social, economic and communication issues are very important, environmental issues are important as well, and we have a wide range of issues to discuss.

I have mentioned on several occasions that I consider Syunik the backbone of our statehood and we have to take all necessary measures to ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia in Syunik, not only in Syunik but throughout the country, but Syunik is of particular importance in this regard.

We must also discuss what social and economic programs we will implement in the communities that have been given the new status of border community, in fact, have been given the status of border settlements. Today we will take relevant decisions on the process of their further implementation.”

The Premier was briefed on the process of resolving issues of ensuring the safety of communities and road traffic in the border settlements of Syunik, installation of border checkpoints, compensation for property damage caused to citizens and other related problems. The current results were summarized. Solutions to existing problems and further steps to improve road and communication infrastructure, tackle socio-economic challenges and other activities were discussed during the meeting.

Prime Minister Pashinyan instructed the responsible bodies involved in the process to continue the activities already underway, as well as to take stock of existing problems within the framework of the interagency working group in order to promptly respond to the problems and propose relevant solutions.

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