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Police Reform Council meets, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan chaired a meeting of the Police Reform Council, which discussed the police reform strategy and the measures specified in the 2020-2022 Action Plan.

Deputy Police Chief Ara Fidanyan reported that the reforms seek to form a police force meeting modern challenges through the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a patrol service to be established. The reforms will enhance transparency and increase public accountability in the police system. He noted that the modernization of the operational management system is already underway, and efforts are being made to develop relevant bills and make legislative amendments.

Due to be operational in Yerevan by this yearend, the Patrol Service will work in 3 shifts, in an 8-hour mode. 2500 citizens have applied for the competition; some of them are police officers. Selected on a competitive basis, more than 700 applicants are currently taking training courses. The Patrol Service will be provided with modern vehicles and technical means; the officers will get new uniforms and equipment. The efficiency of the patrol service will be enhanced owing to the Electronic Management Information Center of the Operational Management Center, which will result in more stringent control measures and systematic performance of activities.

The meeting went on to discuss the steps aimed at forming a patrol service in Shirak and Lori Marzes. A specific timetable has been established to this end. The next issue on the agenda was the formation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan advised that the relevant drafts have already been prepared and have passed the stage of public discussion. In the near future, it is planned to submit the package of legislative acts necessary for the formation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the government for discussion and approval.

The Minister noted that the goal of forming a ministry of interior is to strengthen civilian control over the police and ensure the latter’s accountability to the National Assembly as befits a state with a parliamentary form of government. This will result in clear-cut distinction between police and civilian powers: the police force will be responsible for fighting crime, while the Ministry of Internal Affairs will provide civilian services. The Ministry shall act as the authorized entity to ensure the continuity of reforms in the police system.

A number of proposals and recommendations were voiced during the exchange of views that followed. Summing up the meeting, Prime Minister Pashinyan instructed to amend the planned activities, if necessary, and ensure their timely implementation, taking into account the results of today’s consultation.

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