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Nikol Pashinyan meets with Arman Babajanyan


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Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today met with For Republic party leader Arman Babajanyan as part of consultations with extra-parliamentary political forces.

Nikol Pashinyan - Dear Mr. Babajanyan, I am glad to see you, I deeply regret that the Shirinyan-Babajanyan bloc did not pass the necessary threshold to enter parliament. As I stated in public, today I would like to talk to those forces that partook in the parliamentary elections and are inclined to dialogue. I wish to learn your ideas about the formats in which we could enhance the level of mutual understanding and accessibility between the government and extra-parliamentary forces. And, of course, I think that the political forces generated quite serious political content during the snap parliamentary elections, and the implementation of at least part of that political content can make a significant contribution to bringing Armenia out of this difficult situation.

Arman Babajanyan - Mr. Prime Minister, first of all, let me congratulate you on organizing free and fair elections in this decisive period for our country, as well as on the fact that these elections made democracy and democratic processes irreversible in our country. Your victory in these elections is undeniable and indisputable, and in this respect, we are prepared to support your initiatives to safeguard the people’s power. In this context, we are ready for dialogue in any format.

We understand that our country is facing serious internal and external challenges, and I am confident that we will be able to defy them with political maturity and cognizance. Once again, congratulations from me, our party and our bloc. We are open to dialogue.

The interlocutors discussed ways of consoliding capabilities and opportunities nationwide, as well as the prospects for further cooperation

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