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Nikol Pashinyan meets with Tigran Urikhanyan as part of political consultations


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Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan continues his political consultations with the leaders of a number of extra-parliamentary political forces. Today Nikol Pashinyan met with Alliance Party leader Tigran Urikhanyan.

Nikol Pashinian - Dear Mr. Urikhanyan, I am pleased to see you. I initiated today’s meeting to hear your views on the further course of political life in Armenia. I would like to learn your opinion on the steps to take so that the government and the extra-parliamentary opposition could come closer to each other and work together.

The practice shows that extra-parliamentary forces in particular, and all political forces in general often generate valuable political content, which goes unnoticed due to the political noise, and we all suffer from this. And, therefore, we need to make sure that noteworthy ideas and proposals do not get lost in the political noise. Thank you.

Tigran Urikhanyan: As a person and a representative of the party, who was one of the first to declare the expediency of holding early parliamentary elections in a difficult situation, that is, to ensure a relatively calmer and smoother transition period, given the well-known situation, I must state that, given the election results, we have achieved our goal.

Regretfully, it turned out that we represent only 12,164 voters in the Republic of Armenia, but we have what we have. We had the opportunity to criticize your government during parliamentary debates in the period preceding the electoral campaign, and, in fact, what was stated by the voters probably also means that the government itself will decide whether to take note of our criticism and suggestions or not. Consequently, if the government sees fit to listen, this would be, in my opinion, precisely the opportunity that would lead to even more effective cooperation, if such can exist, and if not, at least to achieve a favorable situation for the people and the country.

What do we want? Indeed, we want the nation to be in the process of continued stability. Of course, the authorities of all time are all responsible for the current situation, and we will still face new serious challenges. I have a personal opinion that most people are not particularly interested in who is responsible for organizing a particular sphere. People just want to live a peaceful life; people want to live a socially protected life without wars and shocks.

We will be pleased if we can make our own contribution to the development of the Republic of Armenia with proposals, including the programmatic approaches voiced during the electoral campaign. Of course, I speak on behalf of the Alliance party, because we formed a joint electoral list consisting of two parties and representatives of several other parties on the basis of a memorandum. Meanwhile, I am convinced that my opinion is shared by other partners as well, since everyone will benefit from sustainable development in the Republic of Armenia. Thank you.

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