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Nikol Pashinyan: “Citizens should see a new quality of law and order in Yerevan owing to the Patrol Service”


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Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Chief of Police Vahe Ghazaryan visited the Yerevan Patrol Service regiment early this morning.

Nikol Pashinyan inspected the line before the launch of patrol service operations. The Acting Prime Minister addressed those present, noting.
“Honorable Chief of Police of the Republic of Armenia,
Deputy Chiefs of Police,
Dear patrol officers,

Congratulations on the launch of the Patrol Police Service! This is one of the most important reforms implemented by our government, which fits into the logic of police reform, but we should view this in a broader context: in the logic of the rule of law, state-citizen and police-citizen relations. I would like to describe two parallel processes. The first is the protection of law and order in the Republic of Armenia; the second is the police-citizen cooperation in the context of law and order, the police-citizen mutual assistance.

The Police Patrol Service should act as a key symbol in this process. The Police is being provided with new equipment and new professional skills, the result of which should be a new quality of law and order in the Republic of Armenia, in this case - in the capital city of Yerevan, because the Patrol Police service starts its operations in Yerevan.

The people of the Republic of Armenia have given the government the right to enforce the rule of law in the country. Citizens should see a new quality of law and order in the streets of Yerevan owing to Police Patrol Service operations, and this is the most important mission you have to accomplish.

But we must state that the rule of law, the dictatorship of law, is established not only by punishments, not only by sanctions, but also by guiding, supporting and helping the citizens so that they fit into the situation and act correctly in the given situation, in the logic of law. On the other hand, citizens should see that the law is supposed to help them in everyday life instead of creating obstacles.

Every citizen of the Republic of Armenia must see and record that the law, the power of the state, the power of the people, the determination, the consistency are the foundation on which our state stands, which supports our legal system and the citizen-state, citizens-to-citizens relations.

Dear patrol officers, once again, congratulations to all of you on the launch of this new service. The Patrol Service will indeed face new challenges in the first days of operations; there may be some shortfalls, which will be addressed over time, but I wish to highlight the fact that most of the Patrol Police staff are people who have not worked in the police system before, while many of them boast many years of work experience in the police. This mixture of experience and freshness must bring a new quality to our police; it must bring a new quality to the rule of law in the Republic of Armenia and in the streets of Yerevan.

We will continue this process and the Patrol Police will be established nationwide; new type of relationship shall be established between the police and citizens. Congratulations to all of us; thanks to all those who endeavored to give effect to this crucial reform. I wish you good and effective service.”

Accompanied by Police Chief Vahe Ghazaryan, Nikol Pashinyan got acquainted with the capabilities of new patrol service vehicles, which are equipped with special means. The Acting Premier laid flowers at the memorial to police officers killed in the exercise of official duties.

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