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“No doubt, everything will be done for the Armenian flag to be raised on the Olympic platform” - Nikol Pashinyan meets with Armenian Olympic team members


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Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received Armenian athletes and coaches who will take part in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The meeting was attended by Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan, Acting Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vahram Dumanyan, National Olympic Committee Chairman Gagik Tsarukyan, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Karen Giloyan.

Greeting the athletes, Nikol Pashinyan noted that the Armenian people will support them wholeheartedly and will look forward to seeing their successful performances at the competitions. “In general, I believe that we should not underestimate the role of sports and especially the Olympic movement, considering that our athletes are Armenia’s ambassadors abroad; they represent our people, our country, and the country’s image is by far determined by the performances of our athletes at different venues. I hope we will boast good results in the forthcoming Olympic Games. 17 athletes representing 8 sports are sent to the Olympic Games. It is important to cheer up the Olympians, encourage them to win, but on the other hand, not to put them under such unnecessary pressure that will fetter them during the competitions. Probably the most difficult task for all of us - the National Olympic Committee, the Government, the Ministry, and the coaching staff - is how to inspire our athletes and, on the other hand, not to shackle them with their expectation of victory.”

The Acting Premier stressed that the government keeps the athletes’ problems in the spotlight. “I am convinced that many problems have not reached me, as the Ministry, the Olympic Committee and the federations have tackled them beforehand. I wish we could fill the Olympic team with team logic and energy before the Olympics. Needless to say that today we need victories more than ever so that our country might regain its self-confidence, its faith in the future after the past hardships. I am confident that our athletes and Olympians know this better than we do. I am convinced that there is no need to say this in the sense of encouragement as well, since everything will be done for the Armenian flag to be raised on the Olympic platform,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Acting Premier thanked all those who attended the preparations for the Olympic Games. “I would also like to thank our athletes and coaches who added momentum with their dedication. I feel that the Olympic team should treat their mission with love. In the meantime, I hope that excess pressure will not shackle you, because constraint can always lead to problems. So I wish you every success,” Nikol Pashinyan pointed out.

Acting Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Vahram Dumanyan said that the Ministry has done and will do everything possible to ensure the best training of athletes. “Mr. Prime Minister, we would like to thank you and the government for the attention paid to sports in general. We could recently witness your daily interest in the schedules and concerns of our athletes. I just want to reiterate that our athletes, top executives in the Olympic Committee and everyone knows that we will always be determined in this matter and we will do everything possible and even impossible to achieve good results,” Vahram Dumanyan noted.

In turn, National Olympic Committee Chairman Gagik Tsarukyan noted that COVID-19 and the state of emergency aroused some problems for athletes in terms of participating in tournaments and getting more tickets to the Olympics. Gagik Tsarukyan added that only the strongest of our athletes will participate in the Games.

“This time we decided that only the strongest should participate. Today’s competitors are the strongest, they are all medalists. This time we expect 3-5 medals. All of them are champions, all of them were trained, all of them are experienced; they took part in the Olympics, World and European Championships. They are eager to participate in the Olympics and represent the nation in a dignified manner, as well as to make sure that our tricolor is raised and our anthem is played abroad. There are no problems. All problems are solved together with the Government, the Ministry, the Federation and the Olympic Committee,” Gagik Tsarukyan concluded.

Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Karen Giloyan noted that the ministry was in daily contact with the Olympic Committee, there are no unresolved issues left. “The athletes were offered the training camps they wanted. We invited to training everyone who needed. Mr. Tsarukyan voiced good figures, and God bless that it be so,” Mr. Giloyan said. The Deputy Minister added that the amount of Olympic bonuses has not been revised in recent years. In response, Nikol Pashinyan said that the issue would be resolved.

Then the athletes and coaches announced the results of the preparatory training camp, stressing that they would do their best to represent their homeland at the Olympics.

In conclusion, Nikol Pashinyan wished the Olympians every success in the upcoming competitions. “In anticipation of success and victories, I wish you a good journey; we will do what we have promised,” the Acting Prime Minister said.

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