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We intend to fully implement the Police reform process: PM Pashinyan chairs consultation


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The regular sitting of the Police Reform Coordination Council chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan took place.

The Prime Minister noted that some achievements have been reached as a result of the activities of the Council in the sense that the Patrol Service is already a reality in Armenia. ‘’It is a significant change in the life of our Republic. We see that this process continues without interruption. The process of introducing the Patrol Police in Shirak and Lori Provinces is currently underway. Of course, during this period some problems have emerged that need to be addressed in order to make the process, the work of the Patrol Police more efficient. I have to emphasize that the reform or introduction of the Patrol Police is a very important process, but it is not the only component of the Police reform; we intend to fully implement this process’’, Nikol Pashinyan said. The Head of the Government highlighted that the exisiting problems should be detected and solved based on coordinated efforts.

Turning to the issue son the agenda, the Council discussed the works done during the 1st half of 2021 in accordance with the decision No 638-L of April 23, 2020 ‘’On the approval of the Police Reform Strategy of the Republic of Armenia and the resulting Action Plan for 2020-2022’’ and the problems identified due to the introduction of the Patrol Service and the Operational Management Center. The process of organizing the Patrol Service, the results of the works aimed at ensuring patrol officers' control over the operative situation, registration of administrative violations, detection and prevention of crimes, as well as the problems registered during the service over which clarifications have been provided, were presented in detail accompanied by a range of proposals for their solution.

It was noted that the methodological and practical trainings of the Patrol Service officers are continuing, which will significantly contribute to the increase of the efficiency of the officers' activities and the development of their professional skills.

Afterwards, reference was made to the expansion of the activities of the Patrol Service and the Operational Management Center. In particular, the process of the works aimed at their application in Shirak and Lori Provinces, the process of selection of patrol officers and organization of trainings were presented.

Summing up the consultation, the Prime Minister instructed the relevant officials to carry out the work in due time, based on the coordinated work of the concerned departments and civil society representatives. The Prime Minister gave a number of instructions for the solution of the presented problems.

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