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A national airline based on a long-term competitive strategy will be created in Armenia. The Government has made a corresponding decision


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A regular Cabinet meeting took place today, chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

The Government has made a decision to increase the statutory capital of the Armenian National Interests Fund CJSC, and to make changes in the state budget and one of the previously adopted decisions. Accordingly, it is proposed to invest 4 billion 733 million 720 thousand drams in the statutory capital of the Fund to pay for the shares of the newly established airline. The establishment of a new national airline will greatly contribute to the exploitation of the potential of rapidly growing tourism, related sectors, as well as to the economic activity, providing the citizens of Armenia with the opportunity of reliable, high-quality, affordable air travel. The issue was presented by the Executive Director of the Armenian National Interests Fund David Papazyan, noting that it fulfills the earlier promise made by the Armenian Government to create a national air carrier. "We are not simply registering an airline. With this program we create a national competitive air carrier, which from the very beginning has a competitive advantage, that is, about 20 years of positive experience of the model of "Air Arabia" company. I think this is the first time that we have the opportunity to have a national air carrier based on a long-term competitive strategy," David Papazyan said.

Responding, Nikol Pashinyan noted that still back in 2018, they had highlighted the goal of creating and developing Armenian airlines in the Republic of Armenia, and in that sense, the Government should have a certain role. The Prime Minister particularly noted, “This decision reflects the political will of the Government of the Republic of Armenia to have an Armenian airline, which does not mean that there should not be or cannot be other Armenian airlines in the Republic of Armenia. The new airline will not have any privileges, level playing field will be provided for all”, the PM said, adding that clear guarantees should be created that the airline's commitment to operate regular flights from the spring of 2022 will be clearly fulfilled. Nikol Pashinyan wished success in the implementation of the program, expressed hope that the airline will become a matter of pride for the Government and the Republic of Armenia, will act as a locomotive in attracting new investments in this sphere.

The Government has made a corresponding decision conditioned by the implementation of the commitments assumed under the “State Support Program for the Promotion of Autumn Wheat Production for 2021”. Within the framework of the program, autumn wheat seeds will be sold in all regions of Armenia in 2021 by the suppliers enlisted by the Ministry of Economy. The program will subsidize 70 drams for the minimum profitable price for 1 kg of wheat, for which 329 million drams is needed.

The Government has approved a program to reimburse irrigation water price for water users applying drip irrigation systems for up to 3 hectares of land. Such a decision is conditioned by the need for economical and efficient use of irrigation water, addition of new lands, improvement of the accounting process for the supplied irrigation water, increase of land users' incomes, and reduction of the financial burden of those engaged in agriculture. As a result, it will be possible to grow water-saving crops in these areas, and water will be used efficiently through drip irrigation systems.

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