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Increasing funding of science should contribute not only to salary increases but also to achievement of specific results – Prime Minister


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan chaired a consultation at the Government dedicated to the funding of science in the 2022 state budget. The discussion was attended by the heads of the concerned departments, as well as representatives of the private sector.

The Prime Minister noted that the financing of science from the state budget of the Republic of Armenia in 2022 will increase by about 85% compared to 2021, while the sums allocated for scientific thematic research will increase 2.5-fold, amounting to 6.7 billion AMD. "Gross science funding is doubling compared to 2017-2018, this is a very strong record. I would also like to note that we have already adopted a plan on increasing the base salaries of science workers by 2026. In fact, the salary of researchers, which today is about 90 thousand AMD, will rise to 276 thousand AMD by 2026 by our decision, which is an increase of 206%. And the salary of the heads of scientific departments, which today is 141 thousand AMD, will rise to 477 thousand AMD in 2025-2026, the growth is about 238%. This is our political attitude towards the field of science, and this policy, of course, will continue”, Nikol Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister highlighted the correct distribution of funding to the sector, which will contribute not only to the increase of salaries, but also to the achievement of specific results in the medium term, which will later be reflected in the economy.

Chairman of the Science Committee of the Republic of Armenia Sargis Hayotsyan presented the programs and events planned in the field of scientific and scientific-technical activity in 2022. In particular, it was noted that those programs will be aimed at modernizing the infrastructure of science, rehabilitation of scientific centers, development of professional skills, training for young scientists abroad, promotion of experience exchange programs, holding international competitions. According to Sargis Hayotsyan, the steps will be also aimed at increasing the efficiency of state funding to the field of science, regulating the legal field. In this regard, the adoption of the Law on Higher Education and Science was particularly highlighted.

The Chairman of the State Science Committee also presented the opportunities available within the framework of the Horison Europe program, the consolidation of resources for the implementation of various programs by scientific organizations.

During the meeting, various observations, views and suggestions were presented, aimed at the continuous development of the field of science.

Prime Minister Pashinyan stressed the Government's intention to contribute to the progress of science and highlighted the consistent cooperation with the private sector.

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