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Programs worth 1.1 billion AMD were implemented in Syunik Province only through the working group channel in 2021 - Prime Minister


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The final sitting of the interdepartmental working group on Syunik issues chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan took place today.

Opening the sitting, Prime Minister Pashinyan said,

“Good day, dear colleagues,

As you know, on January 15 of this year, an interdepartmental working group on Syunik issues was set up by the decision of the Prime Minister. We have gathered today to summarize the results of this year’s activities of the working group. I must state that in 2021 programs of about 1.1 billion AMD were implemented through the working group channel in Syunik Province. These programs have quite a wide coverage, from agriculture to sports, and I think they had and have a significant role in terms of increasing and strengthening the resilience of Syunik Province in this new environment.

I would like to emphasize that even today the construction of alternative roads is in full swing in Syunik Province, of course, they are interrupted for a short time until the end of the New Year holidays. This is also an extremely important program.

I want to also say that we implement programs in Syunik Province not only through the working group channel. I would like to talk about some programs, in particular, in the field of education. We have decided to start our strategic reforms in the field of general education from Syunik Province, and the enlarged community of Kapan, the administrative center of Syunik, is the first where that new model is tested, for the implementation of which the Government allocates 9 billion AMD. Similar programs will be introduced in other enlarged communities of Syunik as well.

I would like to remind you that thanks to the cooperation with the European Union, it is planned to implement programs worth €80 million in Syunik Province, within the framework of the program to increase the resilience of the Province.

Today we are actively working on the implementation of the North-South project, in particular, the construction of Sisian-Kajaran and Kajaran-Agarak sections. We hope the process will kick off in 2022. It is a very large project which includes several bridges, 2 tunnels with a length of 7 and 8 km. The program will have a very significant impact not only on the further development of the Syunik Province, but of the Republic of Armenia in general.

I would also like to emphasize that the issue of opening regional communications is another essential factor for the further development of Syunik Province. We have already announced that we are starting the preparations for the construction of the Meghri section of the Yeraskh-Julfa-Ordubad-Meghri-Horadiz railway. I must emphasize that, of course, due to the circumstances known to all of us, the opening of regional communications obviously contains certain problems and threats, but I must also emphasize that it contains great opportunities. We must work consistently and patiently to manage the threats and put emphasis on the opportunities and be able to serve them for the further normal development of the Republic of Armenia, including the Syunik Province."

Adviser to the Prime Minister, head of the working group Robert Ghukasyan, referring to the activities of the group, noted that 17 sittings have been convened so far in different settlements of Syunik. The group worked around the clock, trying to respond as operatively as possible to the problems, with an emphasis on the social, economic and security components.

Afterwards, the members of the working group - the representatives of the relevant departments reported on the work done in the spheres of their responsibility. Measures on defense, safe traffic, road construction, housing, social issues, infrastructure improvement, and environmental protection were presented.

The Prime Minister was informed about the construction and reconstruction of H-46 road (starting from the intersection of Kashuni village) – Bardzravan, Tandzaver – Shurnukh, Vorotan – Khot and T-8-49, /T-8-48/ - Ltsen aimed at ensuring the unobstructed traffic of the alternative roads: M2, some parts of the Goris-Kapan section of Yerevan, Yeraskh, Goris, Meghri-border of Iran interstate road.
T-Bardzhar crossroads, Kashuni village), in order to ensure the smoothness of traffic on separate sections of the alternative roads: Syunik region: M-2, Yerevan-Yeraskh-Goris-Meghri-Iran interstate highway. Vorotan - Grass և T-8-49, / T-8-48 / - About the process of construction / reconstruction of road sections. It was noted that ground works are underway, which will guarantee the traffic on these roads for all types of vehicles in all seasons. It is envisaged that in 2022 they will be completely asphalted. Nikol Pashinyan once stressed the importance of the mentioned roads and instructed to speed up the construction process as much as possible.

The Prime Minister was briefed on the construction of a residential district in Shurnukh. It was reported that the works are in process, it is planned to complete them within the term defined by the contract, in the first half of 2022.

The Prime Minister also inquired about the steps taken to study the agricultural potential in Syunik. Measures taken to build irrigation systems, provide agricultural machinery, promote business initiatives, and build new infrastructure in a number of communities were presented. In this context, the important role of the supporting expert group was emphasized. Robert Ghukasyan reported that the expert group is currently working on the digitization of agricultural lands, which is expected to be completed in a month. As a result, it is expected to have an economic potential assessment according to communities, based on which a future-oriented agricultural plan will be developed for each community. Nikol Pashinyan instructed to discuss the results with the concerned departments after the completion of the work, and if they are assessed as effective, to implement it for other Provinces as well.

During the exchange of views, a number of issues and ideas were discussed, suggestions were presented.

Prime Minister Pashinyan thanked the members of the working group and the members of the expert group for the work done, stressed that the development agenda of Syunik Province is quite comprehensive, and it’s necessary to work patiently to implement the priorities.

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