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PM Pashinyan chairs consultation on introduction of universal income declaration system for natural persons


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan chaired a consultation on the introduction of universal income declaration system for natural persons.

Prime Minister Pashinyan said the following on the topic, “The issue of introducing the system of universal income declaration of natural persons in the Republic of Armenia is included in the Government's Action Plan for 2021-2026, and we attach great importance to the introduction of this system. Yesterday we were discussing the introduction of the health insurance system, and we came to the conclusion that the universal declaration system is also necessary for having an effective and fair health insurance system."

The Minister of Finance Tigran Khachatryan presented the general description of the proposed system with a comparative analysis with the current declaration system.

Issues related to the purposes, requirements, efficiency, cost incentive mechanisms, diversification of income tax reimbursement directions, as well as other issues were discussed at the meeting. The participants of the meeting also touched upon the forthcoming steps towards the introduction of the universal income declaration system for natural persons.

For the effective launch of the system, Nikol Pashinyan highlighted the use of digital tools and the development of technological platforms. The Prime Minister instructed to continue the works in accordance with the timetable of measures ensuring the implementation of the Government's Action Plan.



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