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We will make every effort to eliminate the traces of the catastrophic earthquake in Gyumri - The Prime Minister received the newly elected Mayor of Gyumri


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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received the newly elected Mayor of Gyumri Vardges Samsonyan and Deputy Mayors Artur Papikyan and David Arushanyan.

The Prime Minister greeted and congratulated them on their election as Gyumri Mayor and Deputy Mayors. "I am glad that our political forces decided to focus on solving the problems of Gyumri. We must say that the changes that have taken place in Gyumri in the recent years have started to be noticed, of course, needless to say, this is a very important issue for the Government. I hope that this model, which is currently being tested in Gyumri, will finally show its effectiveness, because it is important to show that of course, elections have their place, but after the elections we formulate a common agenda based on our pre-election programs, focus on the implementation of that agenda and implement it. Of course, our compatriots in Gyumri, Shirak Province and the Republic of Armenia in general will benefit from it. You can count on the support of the Government and where the support of the Government will be needed, of course, we will make every effort to finally eliminate the traces of the catastrophic earthquake in Gyumri. Congratulations again and greetings.”

The newly elected Mayor of Gyumri thanked the Prime Minister for the reception and noted that they will do everything to solve the problems related to Gyumri as soon as possible. "We have numerous programs with the the EBRD related to subsidies, factories. We can appropriate appropriate lands, why not buildings, as a result of which new jobs will be created," Vardges Samsonyan said. The Mayor added that $ 6 million is envisaged for illumination within the framework of the EBRD program. During today's consultation, the possibility of directing these funds to the general improvement, asphalting and lighting of the 58th district of Gyumri was discussed. "There are also funds not related to subsidy programs, which we will try to direct again to street construction works. In the case of implementing the EBRD and subsidy programs, we will have better streets," said the Mayor.

Deputy Mayor David Arushanyan, in turn, noted that work planning and automation reforms will start in Gyumri Municipality. "Today we had a meeting in Yerevan Municipality. Yerevan’s experience is very important for us," the Deputy Mayor said, adding that the cooperation with Yerevan’s partners successfully continues.

During the meeting, issues related to the programs envisaged in Gyumri for the near future in different spheres were discussed.


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