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Issues related to the improvement of Armenia's Transformation Strategy until 2050 and the development of new content discussed at a consultation chaired by PM Pashinyan


Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation, during which issues related to the implementation and possible improvements of Armenia's Transformation Strategy until 2050 were discussed.

At the beginning of the consultation the Prime Minister said, “Today we have gathered to discuss and to review Armenia's Transformation Strategy until 2050, and finally to understand the correlation of that strategy with the current situation, to evaluate its correlation with the Government’s Action Plan and program of activities. Accordingly, we must see what adjustments are needed, whether they are really needed or not, how we continue to implement the strategy, of course, first of all, assessing its applicability.

My observations during this period and the works with the strategy show that not only it has not lost its relevance at all, but on the contrary, it is as relevant as at the time of its adoption or publication. In this regard, we must now decide what to do next."

Afterwards, a number of issues related to the programs, goals, improvement of approaches, transformation, harmonization, evaluation of the relevance of the measures envisaged by the document, development of new content were discussed. Various suggestions and observations were presented.

Summing up the consultation, Prime Minister Pashinyan noted that the strategy should be considered as a guideline. After it’s improved, it should become a practical tool for the Government. The Prime Minister instructed the officials to continue the work on improving the strategy.

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